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Ford Ranger Air Intake Systems

Whether you need to upgrade or replace the intake system in your Ford Ranger, there are many options. Buying an intake system can also be one way to improve the performance of your Ford truck. Here are some questions that may come up in your search for replacement Ford Ranger air intake systems.

What is a cold air intake system?

A cold air intake setup is an aftermarket upgrade for your Ford’s motor. In a stock air intake system, your motor pulls in air from the area under the hood. With a cold air intake setup, your Ford Ranger will pull in cool air from outside your truck that contains higher levels of oxygen that your motor needs.

What are some of the features of a cold air intake system?

There are several benefits to upgrading your Ford Ranger’s intake manifold with a cold air intake setup. Here are some of the features of this design.

  • Increased cooling of your engine block: A cold air intake setup will provide a steady supply of cold air that aides in cooling your motor. Standard air filters pull in a mixture of warm and cold air and can cause your motor to heat up.
  • Ease of installation: Most cold air intake kits will fit in the same place as the original air filter.
  • Better fuel to air ratio: Cold air intake setups provide an efficient mixture of oxygen for your fuel and other uses, including providing more gas mileage.
What types of air intake systems are available?

There are various types of air intake setups that have different advantages and features. Here are some of the styles for your Ford Ranger:

  • Stock replacements will include your OEM intake manifolds along with aftermarket options that follow OEM guidelines. With some aftermarket options, the filter used may be more efficient in terms of the material used. These parts have the advantage of being able to fit into your engine area without any modifications needed.
  • Short ram intake systems may have wider air tubes that allow for a greater amount of air to be taken into your motor. The distance between your engine and filter is shorter in this design with the advantage of having a more open filter system and being able to fit into tight places.
  • Cold air intake systems have a longer intake tube than a standard intake system and pull air from outside of the engine area. The airbox may also be located on the front wheel well.
  • Electronically tuned air intake systems are a type of cold air intake setup that utilizes an electronic component to help manage the mass airflow sensor that can sometimes trigger the check engine light.
Which companies manufacture air intake systems for Ford Ranger?

If you’re looking for OEM parts, your Ford Ranger has two options. Ford will be the primary option along with Motorcraft, a company owned by Ford that manufactures parts for them. If you are looking to modify your intake manifold system, however, some companies to look for include AEM, Injen, K&N, and others.