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Ford F-150 Air Intake Systems

Ford F-150 pickup trucks are compatible with two types of air intake systems, which supply oxygen to the vehicle’s engine. The first type is the standard air intake system, and the second type is a cold air intake method. If you’re looking for a replacement or an upgrade, here are some helpful guidelines.

What is the F-150 standard air intake system?

The standard factory system is designed to help the F-150 meet all mileage, safety, and pollution-control regulatory requirements. The parts of the standard system include the air box, air filter, hoses, manifold, and sensors. Complete replacement kits are available as well as the individual parts.

What is Ford F-150’s cold air intake system?

The cold air intake system is set up in much the same way as a standard system. The main differences are that this system allows for more oxygen to enter the air filter box, uses a wider but shorter pipe to carry air from the box to the manifold, and is designed to allow cooler and denser air to flow into the system. Combined, these three things increase engine performance and power.

How do you replace the F-150’s air intake system?

The first thing you need to do is buy an upgrade kit designed for your truck. You will need to remove the filter box, filter, intake pipes, and the sensors attached to the intake pipes. Removing these parts requires a screwdriver and a ratchet and socket set. Make sure to remove the intake temperature sensor from the standard intake pipe so you can put it into the cold air intake pipe.

The cold air intake kit will come with a set of instructions that will help you install the kit. Use the directions to put the new system together and connect it to the air intake manifold.

What type of F-150 air filters are available?

There are two types of air filters that are commonly used in a Ford: oiled and disposable.

  • Oiled filters are covered in oil to capture the impurities that enter the air filter box. Oiled filters can be cleaned to remove the impurities from the surface, and they are long-lasting when properly maintained.
  • Disposable filters are typically made out of paper and can be easily replaced. When one filter becomes soiled, you can simply replace it with a new one. You can dispose of the old one by throwing it into your regular household trash.