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Dodge Charger Air Intake Systems

The air intake system of your Dodge Charger is a pivotal piece of equipment when it comes to making your engine run smoothly. The intake system is designed to deliver air to your vehicle's motor, which allows it to use fuel more efficiently. Before you choose the right system for your Charger, you should know how Dodge Charger intake systems work and the types of systems available.

How do air intake systems work on the Dodge?

Intake systems work by taking air from outside your Dodge Charger, passing it through a filter, and then sending it to the combustion chamber of the vehicle's motor. Air intake systems have three main components: an air filter, an air-flow mass detector, and a throttle body. Air is pulled through the filter where it is cleaned of any dirt or debris. From there, the air travels past the air-flow mass detector, which measures the mass of the air. The air then moves into the throttle body, which regulates how much air is allowed into your Charger's motor. Once the air is in the engine, it mixes with fuel, allowing for increased combustion and horsepower.

What types of Dodge intake systems are there?

Over the years, air intake systems have improved immensely. Modern systems can greatly increase horsepower. When choosing an air intake system for your Charger, there are three types to consider:

  • Thermostatic: These older style systems work by modifying the temperature of the air that reaches the motor. If the motor is cold, then the air intake system will provide it with hot air. If the motor is running hot, then cold air is forced into the motor.
  • Short ram: This type of air intake system is mounted close to the Charger's engine and pulls in warm air. Short ram systems are popular because they take up less room than cold air intake systems. This style of intake system can also be equipped with a long intake tube if cooler air is desired.
  • Cold air intake: These systems implement a long tube that places the air filter further away from the Charger's engine than other types of systems. The benefit of a cold air intake's longer tube is that it allows cooler air to reach the motor. Cold air is denser than hot air and contains more oxygen, so a cold air intake allows for a more even and efficient fuel burn.