Air Guns and Slingshots

Air pistols and sling shots are the very image of childhood for many people. They serve as good introductory weapons and can be the source of many hours of fun. Originating back in the 1500s, air guns have been used as toy weapons the world over.

What is an air rifle used for?

Rifles are primarily used for shooting targets. This can be for recreation or as a competitive sport. They are also a good choice for tactical games. Air rifles can be used for hunting, self-defense, and for pest control. Some come with scopes to allow for long distance shooting.

What is an air gun used for?

Air pistols are handheld, and thus smaller than rifles. This makes them easier to transport and carry. Like air rifles, they can be used for tactical games and shooting targets. Airguns can also be used for self-defense. They are often more practical for this purpose than rifles.

What are sling shots used for?

Sling shots fire projectiles like rifles, although they utilize rubber strips and tension to fire. This makes them quieter than rifles or pistols. They are especially helpful in hunting small game, such as rabbits, squirrels, quail, and other small birds. They can fire many different types of projectiles, including buckshot, pellets, lead balls, or stones. They can also be used in angling; they assist in this purpose by spreading bait out into the water to attract fish to the area.

How does an air gun work?

Air pistols work by using compressed air to fire projectiles at high speeds. The type of projectile they shoot varies, depending on the model. Typically, air guns shoot non-spherical pellets or spherical BBs. Some air guns may also shoot arrows or darts. They do not utilize any form of chemical reaction to operate, which means no powder is necessary. Some air guns work with compressed air canisters as well.

How does a gas ram airgun work?

Gas ram airguns utilize pressurized air or nitrogen instead of a spring to cock the gun. When the weapon is fired, the gas expands and pushes the piston forward. They tend to last much longer than spring guns because they do not have a spring that will wear down over time. These guns can remain cocked for long periods and still maintain shot consistency. Because of the difference in design for this model, gas ram guns are lighter overall.