Air Gun BBs & Pellets

BB guns, or air/airsoft guns, fire diverse kinds of projectiles called BBs and pellets. These non-lethal weapons can include pump-action, multi-pump, airsoft weapons, and gas-powered BBs. There are several types of calibers for each type of gun.

What types of air guns are there?

The most common type of BB gun is the spring piston, which tends to be the most popular weapon for youth. There are also multiple-pump pneumatic weapons that can be seen in handgun or rifle form. Another type is pre-compressed gas BB guns made in pistol form; they are usually capable of rapid-fire whereas the others are not.

Airsoft guns like air rifles can come in pump-action or not pump-action. There are also magnum spring handguns, air pistols, rifles, and shotguns. Each type of airsoft weapon shoots a specific type of ammunition, either BBs or pellets.

What type of projectile is available for BB guns?

There are several types of projectile calibers. If you don't have the right type of ammo, firing your airsoft gun will not provide the same performance. The most common calibers made by companies like Gamo and Crosman include:

  • .177: This caliber is most commonly used for general practice and for target shots. Most shooting organizations require a .177 caliber weapon for competitions involving air rifles and airsoft guns. The smaller size allows the projectiles to go faster.
  • .20: This is a perfect medium between the .177 and the .22. This size projectile can be used for general shooting, hunting, or pest control.
  • .22: This is also known as the hunter's choice of caliber. The pellets are not as small, but they have a velocity that is ideal for hunting or for pest control. This is most commonly found in air rifles.
  • .25: This size be found in BB guns like magnum pistols or rifles. It is the largest of all the pellets or BBs and is best for more close-range shots or target shooting.

What is the difference between the types of projectiles?

The main differences between the types of pellets are the materials they’re made of and their shape. Your ammo will either be metal, lead, or plastic (airsoft pellets). Companies like Crosman and Gamo create many types of BBs/pellets.

BBs are the classic projectile chosen for airguns. They are made of lead or steel and are simple, spherical projectiles. These types of ammo are usually used for airguns of low power and are relatively harmless.

Pellets are today's most common type of airsoft ammunition. Pellets are not spherically-shaped and can have different purposes. Domed pellets are ideal for hunting whereas wadcutter pellets have a flat head and are used for targets, competition, and plinking. Hollow-point pellets are great for hunters and air rifles, pointed pellets have great velocity for hunting, and high-velocity pellets are lead-free.

What companies make BBs for air guns and air rifles?

The most common brands that make most types of pellets and BBs include JSB, Gamo, Crosman, Daisy, Sheridan, RWS, and Beeman.