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Mercedes-Benz C300 Air Filters

Air filters are an important part for your Mercedes-Benz C-Class luxury vehicle. The C300 should have better performance when you have a clean air filter in place. Understanding the options will allow you to get the right parts for your luxury sedan.

What are the different types of air filters?

Whether you have the sedan or coupe, your Mercedes-Benz C-Class takes two different types of air filters. One improves performance while the other provides comfort. Changing the filters will keep the respective systems running more effectively.

  • Engine filter: This filters the air that goes into the intake manifold for combustion.
  • Cabin filter: This filters the air that goes into your air conditioning.
How do you install an air filter?

Air filters are relatively easily to install. Depending on the model, year, and trim level of your Mercedes-Benz C-Class, the process might vary slightly. There is a box located under the hood that holds the air filter. Open the box, remove the filter, and then make the replacement. For the cabin filter, you will typically go in through the glove compartment to handle the replacement.

How often should an air filter be changed?

Air filters need to be changed regularly. Your vehicle needs to follow the recommended maintenance schedule as detailed in your owners manual. If you notice problems with your engine or air conditioning, it might be time to change a filter.

  • Performance filter: Typically gets changed every 15,000 to 30,000 miles based on driving conditions
  • Cabin filter: Typically gets changed once a year, although may be more frequent based on where you drive (such as dirt roads)
What is an OEM part?

OEM is the abbreviation assigned to parts that were designed specifically for Mercedes-Benz. OEM, which stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, will include the parts that were originally included in your C300 from the factory. The alternative to OEM is aftermarket, which includes all of the other brands. Regardless of brand, you will be able to find quality filters that will fit your Mercedes-Benz C300.

How do you select an air filter for a C-Class?

Review a few details to ensure you get the right air filter for your sedan.

  • Type of filter: Decide between cabin and performance filters.
  • Quantity: Determine how many you want to get at a time.
  • OEM: Decide if you want a Mercedes-Benz branded filter or an aftermarket one.
  • Model year: Review the year to ensure you get a filter that fits.