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Air Filters for Hyundai Sonata

Air filters are an important part of your Hyundai Sonata. When its time to change them, you will want to get quality filters. Knowing more about the parts will allow you to get whats right for your car.

What are the different types of air filters?

There are two different types of filters used inside of the Hyundai Sonata sedan.

  • Engine Air Filter: This filter is responsible for cleaning the air before it goes into the intake manifold to create combustion.
  • AC Air Filter: A cabin filter cleans the air before it goes into the condenser to blow air into the interior of the car.
How do you replace air filters?

Replacing air filters is a simple process that you can do without any specialized tools. The one for combustion is replaced by opening up the hood of the Hyundai. There is a black plastic box that holds the filter, which allows you to pull out the old one and replace it with a new one. The one for the AC is accessed by opening the door of your glove box. There are buttons on the hinges that allow you to remove the door. Once you do that, you can see where the cabin air filter goes. It has a small hook that needs to be lifted so that you can remove the old one and then hang the new one.

How often should air filters be replaced?

Hyundai recommends that the filters be changed according to the maintenance schedule in your owners manual. Both filters should be changed every 20,000 miles or as needed based on your driving conditions. If you drive on a lot of dirt roads, its likely the filters will need to be changed more frequently.

What are OEM filters?

OEM filters are those that are produced specifically for the car manufacturer. Identified as original equipment manufacturer, it is the same part as whats put into the Sonata at the factory and at dealerships. The alternative is to use aftermarket brands, which include all of the other manufacturers that produce parts to fit the Sonata.

How do you choose a filter for the Hyundai Sonata?

When youre ready to buy filters, there are a few things to review.

  • Car specs: Identify the model year and trim level to get filters that fit.
  • Kit: You can buy a kit that includes the engine (turbo or not) and cabin air filters.
  • Quantity: You can buy in bulk to have extras on hand.