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Honda CR-V Air Filters

Your Honda CR-V cargo SUV won’t perform at its peak without a good air filter. Learning more about how Honda CR-V air filters work will help you make the right decision when it comes to replacing this essential part of your vehicle.

What do air filters do?

An air filter is a simple device that prevents debris, dirt, and other contaminants from entering the vehicle’s engine, ensuring that the inflowing air is as clean as possible as it enters the car. It’s typically rectangular or cylindrical and made of paper. So long as the filter is in good condition, it will keep your engine safe and the car running properly.

The filter also assists the fuel injection machinery in your Honda since these parts of the vehicle require both air and fuel. The injectors are composed of small valves that malfunction easily if clogged, which is why they require an air filter for normal function. The less clean air the injectors get, the harder they make the car work to run.

How do you choose the right air filter?

A variety of CR-V air filters are available, but the most important deciding factor will be whether a filter fits your car. While universal filters are designed to fit many makes and models, air filters made by the original equipment manufacturer are made to fit your specific car. Other factors include:

  • Some filters are made of materials like foam or mesh and coated with oil to trap air debris. Depending on the production, these may last longer than paper versions.
  • Some filters are designed to be reusable. While they can be harder to find, you can simply clean them when they get dirty and keep using them for the length of your car’s life. They work especially well in dusty conditions.
When should an air filter be replaced?

Replace your Honda CR-V’s air filter once it becomes too plugged or has been in the car for too long. This is typically after 12,000 miles or a year. How often to replace it may differ if you drive your CR-V in dirtier environments, such as places with a lot of dirt and dust. Filters typically aren’t exposed to great physical harm, but if they’re damaged, they should be replaced.

Why should you replace the air filter regularly?

If a filter is left clogged for too long, your engine won’t get the air it needs. This can lead to poor driving functionality or no functionality at all; your CR-V may end up with permanent engine damage. The fuel economy will suffer for it, and your car may give off more dangerous emissions than usual. It’s also possible that harmful substances can get into other parts of the car, such as the combustion chamber, and further ruin your Honda’s working ability.