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Once summer comes around and the heat is on, keep it cool with home AC units. A must in the muggiest months, air conditioners work to efficiently cool down your home or office during the summer. Available in a wide variety of options to meet every budget and need, home AC unit prices make both hot weather and your energy bills bearable as temperatures spike.

Portable and Powerful

Perfect for cooling a small space, portable designs are also the most flexible type of home AC unit. Since you can pick them up and move them around, you can decide where you need them in your home or office. Portable home AC units are also generally the most affordable type of cooling unit, making home AC price less an issue. In some cases, you can purchase combination cooling and heating systems in one easy-to-use design, getting more for your money and an appliance that’s useful year-round. Features like electronic control pads, programmable settings, and a sleep mode make these home AC units even more appealing.

Split System Shivers

Energy-efficient split system home AC units deliver a breeze with ease. These mountable options can go anywhere in your home, and they deliver quiet air that’s reliable. Their sleek, subtle design allows them to blend easily into any room of your home, and their ductless design means that they lower energy costs due to their need for less power than more traditional systems that include ducts. These systems actually reduce allergens in the air, and they install easily into multiple rooms for a refreshing feel throughout your space.

Window Wind

Old-fashioned but updated, window air coolers provide a fast, easy option when you need relief from heat quickly. Simple to install in minutes, these powerful home AC units set up in a window and deliver an impressive airflow. Available in many options as far as BTUs go, these versatile designs don’t require much energy, but put off a surprising amount of air. Keeping them in the window means they’re not on the ground taking up space, and some styles and brands offer dual air and heating options at a cost-effective price. They’re easy to use at home or in the office, and can be placed just about anywhere.

A Package Deal

Want it all at once without the hassle of picking parts? Then a package unit is perfect for you. Packaged coolers offer the compressor as well as the evaporator and condenser all in one unit, which cuts down on time and costs. These home AC units install outdoors and run through ducts to cool your home. These energy-saving systems are an all-in-one solution to home heating and cooling.

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