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Land Rover Range Rover Sport Air Bags

Land Rover Range Rover Sport enthusiasts take safety seriously off-road and on the highway. From high-tech features to standard equipment like safety belts and air bags, these supercharged sport vehicles put the 'fun' in function. If you've ever driven a Range Rover Sport or its little brother, the Land Rover, you know how far Land Rover vehicles go to protect driver and passenger alike.

How many air bags are in the vehicle?

Land Rover Range Rover Sport models, including the Range Rover Sport and Land Rover Evoque, have six air bags as part of their standard safety equipment:

  • Front driver air bag
  • Front passenger air bag
  • Driver-side chest (curtain) air bag
  • Passenger-side (curtain) chest air bag
  • Driver-side head (curtain) air bag
  • Passenger-side head (curtain) air bag
How do Land Rover Range Rover Sport air bags deploy?

Current Supplementary Restraint System (SRS) technology is intelligent and designed to react when Land Rover SUVs are involved in front or side-impact accidents. This technology reduces the possibility of the accidental deployments that sometimes happened when this feature was first introduced. That means that it takes a combination of factors to trigger the air bag sensors and activate deployment, including the angle of the impact, speed of the Land Rover or Range Rover Sport at the time of impact, and size of the object impacted. Air bags should always be used in conjunction with restraints. A properly functioning air bag will not deploy under some circumstances, including incidents like:

  • Rear impact accidents
  • Minor head-on collisions
  • Minor side-impact collisions
  • Heavy braking
  • Hitting potholes or speed bumps
Can Land Rover Range Rover Sport air bags be replaced?

Air bag deployment in your Rover will require replacement of the air bag(s) deployed, wiring harness, sensors, and modules. If there was any damage to frames or support pillars in the impact area, those will also have to be repaired or realigned to ensure proper deployment in the case of future impact collisions.

Do Range Rover or Land Rover air bags require maintenance?

The primary air bags inside the Range Rover Sport SUVs need no maintenance or repair unless they've been deployed; in that case, they must be replaced. The only air bag in a Rover that needs attention has to do more with performance than safety: the air suspension bags. They offer a smoother ride in Range Rover Sport trucks and are attached to sensors that warn of failure. Each Range Rover has four of them, and they're made of rubber that can become cracked if they become too dry. If this happens, the suspension fault light goes on. In that case, this component should be serviced right away to protect the air-suspension compressor from damage.