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Age of Empires III Video Games

”Age of Empires III” continues the legacy of the series into the colonial era. Like previous “Age of Empires” real-time strategy games, this game challenges you to research new technologies, build powerful armies, and ultimately conquer the world. This game offers many hours of fun competition in single-player or multiplayer contests.

When was “Age of Empires III” released?

Microsoft launched this game on October 18, 2005 for Windows. The company released “WarChiefs” on October 17, 2006 and “Asian Dynasties” on October 23, 2007. OS X and Windows Mobile versions of the game also launched in subsequent years. Finally, the company's release of the game's "Gold Edition” on October 23, 2007 includes the “WarChiefs” add-on.

Does this game have any expansion packs?

Ensemble Studios developed two expansion packs for this game: the “WarChiefs” and the “Asian Dynasties.” The “WarChiefs” offers three fresh New World civilizations and several new gameplay features. One new feature, called "revolutions" allows players to rebel and establish a new empire, strengthening their military but weakening their economy. The second expansion pack also includes three new civilizations and several new features, such as consulates and mercenary units. In 2007, Microsoft bundled the “WarChiefs” with the full “Age of Empires III” game, marketing it as “Age of Empires III Gold Edition.”

Does this game have any patches?

Since the game's launch, Microsoft has improved gameplay and stability with the release of several patches. There is also a patch that adds in a multiplayer feature. Once the game is installed, players can download and install the updates that let you play online. PC players will need a direct LAN or IP connection to play, while Mac users will need Gameranger or LAN.

What is “Age of Empires Definitive Edition"?

In August 2017, Microsoft announced the development of its “Definitive Edition.” This edition includes a remastered version of “Age of Empires I” with enhanced graphics and improved artificial intelligence. This strategy game offers players the chance to conquer the world as a European empire or battle for survival as a New World tribe. Start as a humble empire in the colonial era and expand to dominate the world as you learn more strategies and skills.

If an empire spawns in an unfortunate location on the map with no herdables nearby, an interesting match may still ensue with the use of many built-in, official cheat codes. With eight civilizations and empires to choose from, the game provides countless varieties of challenges and hours of fun for any strategy and simulation game lover.

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