What Is the Rarest African Stamp?

The first stamp originating in Africa is the 1853 Cape of Good Hope stamp, which was available with 1-penny and 4-penny face values. Interestingly, these stamps are triangular rather than rectangular, giving them a distinctive look that allowed illiterate postal works to identify them. Only a few examples have survived in good condition, and they are worth approximately 40,000 dollars each. Collectors do not have to spend a fortune, though, to acquire an interesting and attractive portfolio of African stamps.

How Can You Start a Stamp Collection?

Stamp collecting is a fun and rewarding hobby, but with so many stamps from so many countries, it is possible for a collection to get out of control. Many collectors focus on stamps from a certain period or stamps from a specific country or continent. Africa is a good choice because the large number of African countries means there are plenty of varied and interesting stamps to hunt down, including some with unusual shapes and designs. Before starting a collection, it is a good idea to spend some time researching prices so you can identify bargains more easily. Additionally, you should know how to store stamps in order to protect their condition and resale value.

How Can You Preserve the Condition of Rare Stamps?

Stamps are delicate, and collectors need to handle them with care and store them at a temperature around 64 degrees Fahrenheit with a humidity of around 55 percent. Storing stamps in locations that are any hotter or damper than this can result in fungal growth and brown spots called foxing. In dry conditions, stamps are more likely to crack. Exposure to light should be minimal to prevent fading, and it is a good idea to avoid pollutants, such as cigarette smoke.