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Advance Wars: Dual Strike Video Games

"Advance Wars: Dual Strike" is an entry in the long-running Advance Wars series of tactical video games. The strategy game was developed by Intelligent Systems for the Nintendo DS handheld system. The first entry of the series was released in 2005 in Japan, North America, and the European Union. It was later released in Australia in 2006.

What is a turn-based tactics game?

Turn-based tactical games are ones that incorporate stops in action to contemplate actions and consequences with the ultimate goal of achieving a military victory. The genre is similar to freeform chess because each unit has its own strengths, weaknesses, and special characteristics. Typically, turn-based tactical games have both a story mode with a developing plot and significant characters and a multiplayer mode that allows for straightforward combat. Advance Wars, as a series, is a collection of games based on the concept of taking turns to move military units across a battlefield. The player and their opponent, who might be another human or a computer, seek to outthink and outmaneuver one another to achieve different tasks. The tasks include the following:

  • Compete to defeat each other's units
  • Control key points
  • Fulfill objectives on the map
What is unique about “Advance Wars: Dual Strike”?

Like other entries in the Advance Wars series, the campaign in Dual Strike has a story that takes a lighthearted approach to military conflict. The dialogue is peppered with jokes and banter. At the same time, the light tone and cartoony graphics complement gameplay that is tactically deep and requires significant strategic choices of the player. The story mode maps contain a variety of goals, environments, and enemies that are situated in such a manner as to allow for multiple approaches. The dual-screen capabilities of the Nintendo DS come into play in two main ways. The first is using the top screen for unit descriptions and other additional information. The second is that, on certain maps, the top screen becomes a second, separate battlefield, and the player has to balance between fighting both battles at the same time.

Does “Advance Wars: Dual Strike” have any online play?

Several of the DS game modes in "Advance Wars: Dual Strike" have online multiplayer functionality either through direct competition or through hosting a leaderboard.

  • Link Mode allows for up to eight players in one game.
  • Combat Mode involves real-time play under special rules.
  • Survival Mode is a competition for the best performance across a gauntlet of levels, and it has a shared global leaderboard system.
  • Versus Mode combat games use multiple human players who share one NDS and who hand it back and forth to take turns.
  • Story mode and War Room mode are single-player modes that constitute progress through the plot and exhibition matches, respectively.
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