Adidas Predator Mania Soccer Shoes

Add Adidas Predator Mania Soccer Shoes to Your Equipment

The adidas Predator Mania line of shoes comes in several inexpensive variations that you can find on eBay. Understanding the features and options you can choose will help you find the adidas Predator Mania shoes that suit your style.

Sizing for adidas Predator Mania shoes

eBay can help you find the right size of adidas Predator Mania shoes. In most cases, the Predator Mania line will list U.S. shoe sizes. See the manufacturer site for details. If you know your shoe size, you can use the list on eBays sidebar to find Predator Mania shoes that are the size you need. Note that these shoes sizes are estimates, and slight variations can result in a slightly different fit or feel when youre wearing your adidas shoes for the first time. Some common sizes from which you can choose include U.S. sizes 8, 9, and 10.

Materials used in Predator Mania shoes

Many versions of the Predator Mania use similar materials in their construction. However, some iterations of the shoes use slightly different materials in certain places. You might also find different materials in your Predator Manias depending on their year of production. In most cases, basic materials these adidas shoes use are:

  • Rubber soles - The soles of the Predator Mania shoes usually feature elements of rubber for traction on the soccer field. Some versions may include built-in cleats.
  • Padding - Predator Manias have a reinforced heel with padding to protect this part of the foot during game play.
  • Upper - The upper part of the shoe has lightweight materials to make it breathable.
Can you get used adidas Predator Mania shoes?

You will find adidas Predator Mania shoes in a range of serviceable conditions on eBay. The site offers both new and preowned Predator Mania shoes in several styles or configurations. Some of these shoes may include additional features or accessories as well. A few of the most common conditions for adidas shoes on eBay are:

  • New - Predator Mania shoes that are new should be unworn, feature no visible signs of wear on their surfaces, and come complete with their original adidas box.
  • New without box - If you are not interested in the custom box that comes with adidas Predator Mania shoes, you can purchase a new pair that doesnt include the original packaging.
  • Preowned - Used Predator Mania shoes may show normal signs of wear, but they are still functional and should serve adequately for your soccer needs.
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