Warmth and Style in an Acne Jacket

During the winter months, there is often the need for a warm jacket. However, you want to have style in your jacket as well. Acne jackets can provide both warmth and style, and there are many varieties available on eBay.

Styles of Acne Studios jackets

You can find an Acne jacket to satisfy you. eBay offers bomber jackets in both long and short lengths. There are also sheepskin jackets and puffer jackets. Other styles include blazers, motorcycle jackets, parkas, and denim jackets. The Acne Studios Velocite shearling jacket is another example of the type of jacket you can find.

Some of the jackets have zippers; others have snaps or buttons. You can find them with many pockets or just a few. There are jackets with large collars and smaller collars, and there are also some with no collar at all.

You can find them in warm winter styles and in lighter spring and fall styles. Some styles of Acne jackets are short, just reaching the waist. However, if you prefer longer jackets, you can find those as well.

What colors and fabrics are available?

There are various shades of white, blue, gray, red, brown, and white. A few greens and pinks are available. You can even find some patterns, such as the oversized plaid jacket.

As far as fabrics, there are many different jackets made of denim. One example is the Kremi two-tone cropped distressed frayed denim jacket. Leather is also readily available. This includes the Acne Studios mock biker motorcycle leather jacket. Other fabrics include fleece, fur, cotton, synthetic, and shearling.

Authentic Acne Studios

The main way to tell if the jacket is authentic is by looking at the label. Look for a branding label that is alone on the article, such as at the back of the neck. There will not be a sizing label attached to it. An Acne Studies label will also have the product name and season listed on it.

Another way to tell is by looking at the quality of the fabric. If the label says 100% wool, you should see a very uniform matting of the fabric with wear. A synthetic fabric, even though labeled as wool, will show the curly synthetic fibers throughout.