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Selecting the Right Acer Windows 8 Tablet for You

The Windows 8 tablets manufactured by Acer provide a desktop-like experience in a hand-sized form factor. The Windows operating system is a full-featured computing environment that supports word processing, graphics design, and plug-and-play interfacing with other Windows devices. The Windows tablets from this brand come with many different features and options, and that gives you a wide range of choice of aesthetics and capabilities.

What distinguishes an Acer Windows 8 tablet?

Acer tablets based on Windows 8 differ from many tablets in that they have a desktop OS rather than a mobile OS. Windows 8 was the first version of Windows to have built-in support for tablets. This mode allows for a tablet-like experience while also maintaining access to desktop features, such as:

  • Editing Word documents
  • Accessing Excel spreadsheets
  • Playing PowerPoint presentations
  • Connecting to external hard drives
WhatEUR(TM)s the difference between an ARM and Atom processor?

The difference is a matter of performance. The ARM CPU is a typical mobile CPU often paired with Windows RT and well-suited to surfing the Web, composing emails, and reading e-books but not all Windows features. Most Acer Windows 8 tablets, including the Acer Iconia tablet, have an Intel Atom processor. The Intel Atom has enough processing power for all Windows features and thus a more complete desktop-like computing experience.

Which types of Acer Windows 8 tablets are available?

The Acer Iconia Windows 8 series ranges from 8.1 inches to 11.6 inches. The 8.1-inch model is made for on the go and well-suited to reading e-books. It's also instrumental in the kitchen as a cooking assistant. The 11.6-inch tablet is intended to provide as close to a Windows 8 desktop experience as possible, and you can even purchase it with a Bluetooth keyboard. The 10.1-inch Acer Iconia comes with a keyboard as well and is convertible, which means that you can swap back and forth between laptop and tablet mode.

How much storage is available and is it expandable?

The 8.1-inch tablets with Windows 8 from Acer come with either 16GB or 32GB. These also have a single SDHC microSD slot, which means that you can add up to a 32GB memory card for up to 64GB overall. The bigger models pair the Intel processor with either 32, 64, or 128GB, and in the case of the 11.6 Windows tablets, itEUR(TM)s a 128GB solid-state drive as opposed to flash memory. Some 11.6 models have no SD card slot. Those that do and the 10.1 models have either one or two slots. Windows does not provide a total storage limit, but you may be limited by your slot type and card choice, such as:

  • SD supporting up to 4GB
  • SDHC supporting up to 32GB
  • SDXC supporting up to 2TB
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