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Finding Accurate Saltwater Reels

At first glance, the difference between a salt and freshwater reel isn’t so clear. A closer look at new Accurate reels might show why you need a tool for the open sea and not just your backyard stream. Several new and used reels from Accurate are available on eBay.

Will a saltwater reel manage larger fish?

Saltwater reels manage both large fish and salt water. The open sea offers a wide variety of large, heavy sport fish. For this reason, the gears are more equipped to deal with the weight and strength of larger species. Many saltwater reels are larger than freshwater reels, so you can extend a line deep and still have enough with which to fight fish.

Additional factors to keeping your hunt against larger fish going is the resistance to corrosion and sea air. Accurate reels are finished with a protective coating for long-term use. They are also made of anti-corrosive metals like aluminum.

Where an Accurate reel is adjusted

You can adjust a new or lightly used Accurate reel by mounting it on your rod. You’ll find the following features to make things right for the fish you’re after:

  • Drag: The drag measures how much resistance the reel has when line is pulled from it. This is important for all seawater reels, which are designed to deal with large fish that hit suddenly. The adjustable features of drag allow you to find just the right tension for setting the hook.
  • Speed: The reel itself often needs to release a lot of line in a short amount of time. For this reason, these reels are speed tested to remain stable when fish take your bait and sink to lower depths.
  • Salt-proofed: The parts and bearings of a saltwater reel work against the salt content of the ocean and sea. This salt corrodes the parts of a freshwater reel, so it’s important to have a tool specifically for the job.
  • Inserted hand knobs: Accurate produces hand knobs with exaggerated grips on the reel. These knobs give anglers the surest grip to brace without losing the hold of a big fish.
  • Built conventional: You have the option of conventional reels, which are made for deep-sea fishing. These use condensed bodies to ensure that strength isn’t compromised as you go deeper for fish.
Which finishes do Accurate reels have?

Expect to find sleek Accurate reels with graphic finishes and shiny chrome options. Coated, matte black, or a glossy gold finish is also available.

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