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ATV, Side-by-Side & UTV Seats 

Whether you need to change out a saddle or just replace a seat cover, ATV seats fit the bill, allowing you to perform your own replacements. Accessories that fit nearly every variety of ATV come in handy when required. You even have a choice between OEM seats and replacements made by third-party manufacturers.

What parts do you need for a four-seater?

ATV units that fit four to six people are sometimes referred to as crew UTV quads, and you wont need any special parts to replace the seats in them. These seats unbolt from the frame the same way that car seats do. Youll simply need to get replacement passenger seats, remove the old ones with a standard metric wrench from your garage, and then install the new chairs or benches. New passenger seats come with their own hardware that should fit the existing frame on your UTV.

What options are there when getting aftermarket seats?

Your first choices will usually come from the same brand thats on your ATV, but its important to keep in mind that some OEM brand names also end up on third-party seats. Due to the way seats are made for the ATV industry, you might find the same seat sold under several brand names. More than likely, youll find at least the following options offered for your specific ATV model:

  • Kimpex
  • QuadBoss
  • Weekender
  • Yamaha
  • Polaris

Can you replace seat covers without removing the seat itself?

ATV seat covers are usually independent of the underlying bench or saddle. Youll be able to get both parts separately. If you need to replace the seat cover on a larger utility ATV, then you might be able to simply unzip the current seat covers and slide new ones over them. Saddles feature a series of screws that can be undone to install new seat covers. Theres usually a small box that holds the saddle to the frame of your ATV. You can do the work as soon as you loosen it.

Is it possible to add a rear storage compartment?

Your specific ATV might already include a space under the rear saddle you can use for storage. If it doesnt, then simply changing out the rear seat might give you a small storage area you can use to keep a few simple tools. Many rear saddle assemblies are made so you can modify them this way with OEM components, though youll find aftermarket third-party ATV seats that can do the same as well.

How can you add a backrest to a passenger seat?

If theres a deluxe passenger seat package for your ATV, then you simply need to install the padded backrest on top of the existing saddle. Those who have models that dont feature these kinds of extensions can install a third-party padded rumble set.