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ATV, Side-by-Side & UTV Brakes and Suspension

Fitting a new brake and suspension kit is an effective way to boost the performance of your dirt bike, especially when customizing it for racing purposes. Installing a few aftermarket components or adding some accessories on your Kawasaki quad can enhance its appearance and allow it to handle tougher terrains. ATV brakes and suspension replacement parts are available for specific makes and models, so be keen when purchasing them.

What different types of ATV suspension systems are there?

Whether you are turning your dirt bike into a high-performance vehicle or replacing old shocks, an OEM suspension kit provides a viable solution. Before you decide which shock system to buy to lift the A-arm in the front, learn about the different types that are installed on ATVs and UTVs.

  • Pre-load adjustable – This type is standard on a majority of sports and utility four-wheelers in the entry-level category. A pre-load adjustable shock can use a threaded lock ring mechanism or come with five predetermined settings.
  • Standard non-adjustable – Unlike the preload adjustable, the system does not have adjustability, meaning it has to wait for the spring to generate suspension. This particular system is present in smaller dirt bikes.
  • Fully adjustable piggyback reservoir – The shock mechanism in the arm of this type is more advanced than the other two and can be found on sports quads. With the piggyback reservoir, you have the ability to adjust the suspension to fit your riding requirements using the threaded preload adjustment. You also get compression and rebound features.

How do you know your ATV requires new brake pads?

Worn-out brake pads will produce a screeching sound every time you hit the brakes. The level of brake fluid in the reservoir will also be low. Worn out pads will require the caliper to push harder to get them to the rotor. Replace your pads with the right kind; don’t buy aftermarket pads without checking the original kit in your ATV.

How do you maintain brakes?

Know how to care for the brake and suspension unit on your all-terrain bike to avoid quick wear and recurring problems. Replacing the brake fluid on your enduro dirt bike is one way to keep the system functioning optimally. Find out the recommended product for your Honda ATV brakes. Assessing the position of the lever, the pressure put on the rear breaks, and the cleanliness of the brake pads also helps to keep the whole system, including the shock mechanism, in good working condition.