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Choose ASUS Wi-Fi Antennas for Optimum Signal Pickup

If you need to regain your ability to connect to the internet, one of the inexpensive Asus Wi-Fi antennas in this eBay collection might be the perfect solution to your problem. There are plenty of different antenna models to choose from, and each type has unique attributes. Here are some of the things you should keep in mind as you find an antenna that suits your needs.

What types of Wi-Fi antennas are there?

Here are the three basic types of antennas that you'll find in this eBay collection:

  • Replacement router antennas: If the antenna on your Asus Wi-Fi router no longer works, you can purchase a replacement. There are replacement antennas available for each type of Asus router, and these antennas are generally OEM direct replacements. They will match the aesthetics of your router.
  • Coaxial antennas: These antennas are sometimes used with routers, but they are also sometimes used with computers. Some computer motherboards have modules with two coaxial outputs, and these antennas attach to the outputs to provide a Wi-Fi signal. In addition, some Asus routers use antennas that aren't directly attached to the body of the router.
  • USB antennas: These Wi-Fi antennas attach to desktops and laptops via a USB port. They often have antennas that can be positioned, and both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 models are offered.
How do you connect these Asus Wi-Fi antennas?

If you're connecting a USB or coaxial antenna to your computer, you'll simply need to securely attach the connectors and boot up your computer. In most cases, your computer should note the presence of the antenna automatically, and it may take a moment to install drivers before it begins using the new antenna. To ensure that your computer isn't still using its old antenna, change the default device in your network settings folder. If you're replacing a router antenna, on the other hand, you'll simply need to snap the antenna into place.

How do you select the right antenna?

If you're searching for an antenna to replace a broken component on your router, you'll need to reference your router's model number. Most of the replacement antennas in this collection mention the router model with which they are intended to be used. If you're selecting an antenna for your computer, however, you'll need to make your pick based on the rated range and physical size of your ideal antenna.

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