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ASICS Gel-Nimbus Women's Shoes Large

About ASICS Gel-Nimbus Shoes

ASICS may fly under the radar when it comes to its flashier competitors, but its clout with actual athletes makes it a darling among pros. Ask runners what shoes they actually wear when they're out logging miles and more often than not, they'll say ASICS. The brand's Gel-Nimbus is a favorite thanks to its sturdy sole and comfortable, flexible uppers. The shoe incorporates the brand's signature tech, including: Fluidfit uppers that adapt to every foot shape and rear and forefoot gel sole inserts that not only give the shoe its name, but absorb shock from pavement, dirt roads and gravel trails alike. FlyteFoam midsoles provide bounce and a softer feel so that every mile feels like the first. And, of course, its on-trend colorways and bold graphics make a style statement at the gym or on the go.
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