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Get the Most Out of Your Music with an AR Turntable

Longing for a more authentic sound signature with your music? eBay has you covered. Check out their expansive selection of vintage AR turntables and hardware.

Which replacement parts are available?

There is a stellar selection of replacement parts available on eBay. These parts make restorations and repair efforts a cinch, and they can be useful for upgrades and general maintenance as well. Each individual part from these turntables has a unique function. Below is a list of the general applications for some of the more sought after parts:

  • Slide Switches: Turntable switches are used for functions like power, pause, rewind, and fast forward.
  • Tonearm Rests: Goes below the turntable arm and provides support to increase lifespan and precision.
  • Disc Platforms: The metal platform where vinyl discs are spun.
  • Bottom covers: Use to distribute heat and stray electric currents safely.
  • Springs: Placed underneath buttons and internal mechanics to provide increased resistance on push and elastic feedback on release.
Are there any complete units available?

eBay has a few different models of complete units available. These are vintage devices, so complete units will clearly state which of the original functions are retained and which you will need to restore. Below are some of the more commonly available AR turntables you will find:

  • AR XB-91
  • AR Connoisseur BD103
  • AR XA DUAL 1019:
  • AR EB 101
Do these products have value as collectibles?

AR turntables are highly collectible. The products have seen a resurgence in value as vinyl records have become widely adopted by audiophiles for their superior sound quality. These same audiophiles want to enjoy their collector-quality records with original playback devices. Doing so allows them to enjoy the most authentic listening experience possible. And, this resurgence in consumer interest has lent itself extremely well to the collectibility of these rare and immensely valuable pieces of hardware and devices. With these turntables and turntable parts, you will have access to a one of a kind audio experience that is valued by music enthusiasts the world over.

How do turntables differ from traditional music playback devices?

AR Turntables allow you to enjoy vinyl records. With contemporary options, youre likely to be listening to MP3s, which are encoded and heavily altered audio files. Vinyl records are legacy playback products, and they provide much clearer and more authentic sound signatures. AR Turntables allow you to enjoy a studio-quality sound and faithful representations of your favorite artists original vision by playing vinyl records.

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