AMT produces a variety of car models and model kits that are built to a multitude of different scales. These American cars are designed around Ford and Chevy vehicles and usually come in a kit based on a specific year. Finding original kits created by AMT requires a little work.

What are these model kits?

An AMT kit showcases a classic car, such as Ford or a Chevy, and allows buyers to create a model that they can show to their friends. It often includes a variety of classic stock vehicles and classic cars of American vintage. Original AMT kits include each part necessary for building one of these units and also a variety of items made to scale for each car type.

How can these model kits be displayed?

There are several ways that AMT car and model enthusiasts can show off their stock and scale models. Each of these different display methods allows you to showcase a model Ford or Chevy truck or car differently. When buying a kit of this type, consider one of these methods when deciding on how you want to show your AMT model off to friends:

  • Alongside other truck and car models
  • In a Ford or Chevy car and truck dealership
  • During a car and truck show
  • At model competitions based on scale
  • Near a Ford or Chevy car or truck in a garage
What type of individual kits are available?

Those selecting an AMT model kit can choose a variety of different kits, scales, and model years. There are many types of kits available that focus on different types of cars and model types, including Ford, Chevy, and other vehicle types. They also vary depending on the year of each Ford car that you are creating when building the model. These types of kits include:

  • Vintage automotive models
  • Classic automotive models
  • Slot cars
  • Stock cars
  • Model railroads and trains
What specific AMT stock kit types are there?

When choosing a Ford stock model kit, it is essential to take into account a variety of factors. The scale of the model is probably the most important of these. The scale of the vehicle will vary depending on how big you want your AMT Ford model kit to be when you finish building the stock vehicle. Specific scale types usually convert feet into inches to create a scale classic stock vehicle that looks as real as possible. Particular scale Ford stock AMT model kits you may find on the market include:

  • AMT Lincoln Convertible Built Kit
  • AMT Junior Collectible Series AMX Sports Coupe Kit
  • AMT 1966 Plymouth Barracuda Kit
  • AMT Original Unbuilt 1966 Plymouth Barracuda Kit
  • 3-in-1 1960 Buick Convertible
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