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AMG Wheels

AMG wheels are made to stand up to the specifications put forth by the engineers at Mercedes-Benz and AMG. The designs created by AMG and Mercedes help to enhance your vehicle and provide you with a safe and comfortable experience.

What is AMG?

AMG is commonly confused with Mercedes-Benz, but the two are not entirely the same. AMG is the name of the high-performance division within Mercedes, and they specialize in optimizing the design and engineering of Mercedes-Benz cars to have maximum power and performance. Whenever a new model Mercedes is developed by the engineers at the standard facilities, the engineers at AMG get to work fine-tuning the design and making the car even better than the base model. Usually, this comes in the form of more powerful engines, additional amenities, and luxury options.

What are the differences between steel and alloy wheels?

For many vehicle designs, steel wheels are the standard choice. However, Mercedes-Benz and AMG cars often come standard with a different option: alloy wheels. Each have their own special characteristics that make them unique, and understanding the differences goes a long way toward making an educated decision.

  • Steel wheels: Long the standard for vehicles all over the world, wheels made from this material are sturdy. The high strength of steel means that these wheels are very hard to damage; they are able to take more punishment from potholes and jarring impacts without sustaining cracks or warping. Even if they do get some damage, they can usually be fixed with little concern for visual damage since they already come with a rough-and-ready visual appearance.
  • Alloy wheels: These are made from a composite of aluminum, magnesium, and nickel. The unique composition makes alloy wheels light while maintaining high strength and style. Their composite nature also gives them excellent thermal characteristics, drawing heat away from a heated braking system and dissipating it, preventing the brakes from overheating.
How do you maintain AMG wheels?

Without proper maintenance, the appealing finish of AMG wheels can be worn down by brake dust and exposure to the elements. Properly maintaining your wheels can help keep them looking good for many years to come.

  • Clean regularly: Cleaning your wheels regularly is an important factor in ensuring that the visual appeal doesn't get washed away. Wheels that are left uncleaned for too long can get coated in black or brown brake dust, which can react with the wheel over time to produce a corrosion that is nearly impossible to remove. This severely damages the look of your wheels, so clean regularly to avoid the pitfalls of brake dust.
  • Avoid chemicals: Many chemicals can damage the specially engineered coating that is present on AMG wheels, either clouding it or removing it entirely.
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