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AMD CPU Fans with Heatsinks

Since the day of its inception, AMD has been a creator of APU and graphics, and when paired with the correct CPU fan and heatsink combination, things can stay cool and work as intended. Heat is an enemy of all electronics, so AMD has devised products to help with cooling and technology that uses fewer resources that create heat. A complete cooling system for a computer includes the fan and a way to remove the heat, and this combination does this job and keeps the computer working reliably.

What options are offered?

There are many choices for computer and graphics coolers. The K8 was a major revision of the K7 build, with many notable features such as the addition of a 64-bit extension to the 32-bit application and a high-performance direct profile. There is a new hexacore (6-core) code-named Thuban that uses performance technology, which allows it to automatically switch from six cores to three faster cores when more speed is wanted.

  • K5, K6, Athlon, Duron, and Sempron CPU
  • Athlon 64, Opteron and Phenom CPU
  • High-power, high-performance Bulldozer cores
  • RM-based designs
Do a fan and heatsink come together?

Yes, the Wraith Cooler is less than 1/10th the noise of other coolers, has more surface fin area, and has 34% more fan airflow. Most processors today are now available with heatsink and fan that are matched with the processor. Here are some common examples of models you might find:

  • Wraith Spire with Programmable RGB LED
  • Wraith Stealth Cooler
  • Wraith
  • 125W AMD Thermal
  • 95W AMD Thermal
Why is cooling important?

When an APU starts working to process data, it gets warmer when more power is needed for speed. Not having a proper ventilation will cause overheating, which can reduce the lifespan of the CPU or cause irreparable damage to the components or other pieces in the computer. It is useful to have cooling equipment like an APU fan and heatsink to keep the computer functional.

  • The CPU fan vents the heat generated and cools by bringing in cooler air over the surface.
  • The heat sink is a device that draws the heat away using its aluminum large surface area to transfer cooler air into its fins and dissipating the heat.
  • The combination transfers hot air by pulling the hot air from the computer and drawing in the cooler air between the aluminum fins, which keeps the system cool.
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