Own a Classic: AMC Cars and Trucks for Sale

AMC cars and trucks were produced between 1970 and 1987. Headquartered in Michigan, the company produced a large variety of vehicles. If you're looking for a used AMC car, eBay can help you get a reasonably priced classic AMC car for sale.

Types of AMC cars for sale

The different vehicles can generally be divided into four generations. Here are brief details of each generation of AMC for sale:

  • First generation: The first generation of AMC car for sale was produced in the '50s. These cars used the typical metal-heavy exterior looks. Examples would be any Rambler cars for sale on eBay. The Rambler two-door and four-door sedan were the mainstays of the company during these years.
  • Second generation: Cars in the 1960s were known for their economical price and reliability. Flash-O-Matic transmissions, safety equipment, and more powerful engines were used. Well-known cars include Rambler Marlin, Rambler Classic 770, Rambler 44-H, Ambassador 990, and American Motors AMX.
  • Third generation: The '70s were the decade when AMC produced a huge variety of cars and trucks. Jeep Cherokee, AMC Matador, and AMC Spirit are just three of many models. The Rambler was discontinued to focus on new consumer demands.
  • Fourth generation: The last decade is known for the production of trucks and jeeps. AMC also partnered with Renault to produce cars. Jeep Cherokee Laredo and Jeep Comanche Pioneer were among the top-selling models.
What different variations of AMC passenger cars can you find?

Almost all preowned AMC cars can be classified into five categories: sub-compact, compact, mid-size, crossover, and full-size.

Most sub-compact cars were produced in association with Renault between 1984 and 1987. The AMC Spirit, the AMC Eagle, and the Gremlin are some of the classic models in this category.

In contrast, the AMC Hornet and the AMC AMX are variations of compact cars. It is often believed that AMC produced seven sub-compact and eight compact variations of passenger cars.

The only crossover produced was the AMC Eagle, which was manufactured between 1980 and 1988. Similarly, there were seven mid-size vehicles, and most of these were Rambler models produced before 1970.

The seven full-size models were also offered before 1970. Examples include Nash, Hudson, and AMC variants. The only exception is the full-size Eagle Premier that was marketed between 1988 and 1992.

AMC engines

The company relied heavily on its I6 and V8 engines. Some of the earlier models in the 1960s were equipped with Nash or Typhoon I6, but later models exclusively used AMC I4, AMC I6, or AMC V8 engines. As AMC produced a variety of different vehicles, you may also come across Pontiac I4 or PRV V6 engines.

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