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AKG manufactures monitors that are used in settings ranging from professional recording studios to coffee shops. The headphones come in a wide variety of styles and sizes so you can find the right fit for extended wear. Whether you listen to music in your bedroom or produce the next big thing in the studio, an AKG product may suit your needs.

What types of headphones does AKG produce?
  • In-ear: Also called earbuds, these monitors sit in the ear canal. They’re lightweight and provide comfort without blocking the outside world entirely. These earbuds feature a silicone tip designed to provide maximum comfort.
  • On-ear: To assist in blocking out external sound, on-ear headphones fit over the ear. Some models can be comfortable for long periods of time.
  • Semi-open: AKG’s semi-open monitors allow you to hear the music you are listening to without complete sound isolation. In other words, you can hear some outside noise.
  • Closed-back: Closed-back monitors shield out all external sound and keep your music where it belongs — in your ears. These monitors are best for loud environments or at-home use.
  • Foldable: These headphones feature a headband you can fold for maximum portability. You can save storage space in your bag by folding the monitors closed.
What are some useful features of wireless headphones?
  • Audio quality: Using AKG’s Bluetooth monitors does not lead to audio quality loss. With Bluetooth technology, the audio quality may even improve because you won’t have to untangle wires.
  • Portability: Having the freedom to move around on stage or at home isn’t the only benefit of wireless headphones; they will also leave more room to store other things in a bag.
  • Connectivity: With the touch of a button, you can connect to a vast assortment of devices with wireless monitors.
What should you consider when looking for music monitors?

Consider these features when looking for headphones:

  • Color: A pop of color can enhance your style and stage presence. If you want to stand out from the crowd of people wearing black headphones, AKG offers a variety of color options.
  • Portability: You can carry headphones with you wherever your day takes you.
  • Durability: If you invest in professional Bluetooth monitors, they are likely to be reliable and last a long time.
  • Comfort: Choose comfortable monitors that fit well, especially if you plan to wear them for long periods of time.
  • Noise-canceling capabilities: Your listening experience may improve greatly if you can limit outside noise that leaks into your monitors.