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ABS System Parts for Nissan Murano

The anti-lock braking system (ABS) in your Nissan Murano is crucial to your safety and that of your passengers. Being able to steer in a safe, controlled manner is vital when it comes to emergency braking situations, and that's why it's important to ensure that your ABS system is operating properly at all times in your vehicle. Replacing worn parts with high-quality replacement auto parts will protect your Nissan's ABS system, enabling it to help you on the road when you need it most.

What is a Murano ABS system?

Your Nissan's anti-locking braking system is an assembly designed to help you maintain the ability to steer when you're driving and avoid skidding when you have to stop in unanticipated situations.

Using speed sensors, your ABS ascertains if one or more of your Nissan's wheels are trying to lock up during a braking incident. An assembly of hydraulic valves limits or restricts the braking capability of a wheel if it should try to lock up. The action is beneficial since it will allow you steering control and help keep your model Nissan from skidding.

What Nissan Murano parts are available for ABS systems?
  • Sensors: Often used on cars without ABS as well, speed sensors are a type of tachometer. They are the brake system's way of knowing that one or more tires are about to lock up. They are sender devices used to select how fast your Nissan's tire is rotating. The sensor is made up of a toothed ring (sometimes called a trigger or tone wheel) and a magnetic pickup.
  • Valves: Using a valve in the brake line of each tire, the ABS positions them to control the braking action for each tire. If the ABS opens a valve, master cylinder pressure is allowed directly through to the brake. If the ABS blocks the valve for a given line, the tire is cut off from the master cylinder. This reduces pressure even if the driver hits the brake pedal harder. Some systems have a third valve action where some of the pressure is released by the valve.
  • Pump: Since the valves have the capability to release pressure from the brakes, it's necessary to have a way to restore it. When a valve reduces the pressure, the pump's job is to get the pressure back to an adequate level.
  • Controllers: The controller is vital to your car's ABS system as it functions to monitor the speed sensors and manages the valves.
How do you test your Nissan Murano's ABS?

Keep in mind that you'll need to attain a certain speed to test the system since it normally won't engage when your vehicle is traveling slowly. Also, the system is more likely to activate in wet or slick conditions. In an empty lot or other safe areas, attain an adequate speed in your Murano and firmly apply pressure to the pedal but don't pump it. If the system kept your tires from skidding and you maintained steering control throughout the test, your system is working properly.