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Honda CRX A/C and Heater Controls

Honda created the CRX, which is a compact three-door hatchback, between 1983 and 1991. Knowing about the heating and cooling system in the CRX will help you to select which parts of your Honda CRX A/C heater and controls need to be replaced.

What are common climate control features for a Honda CRX?

The CRX has a lot of the same climate control features that you can find in other Honda models. You can control the amount of air that is released through the vents as well as the temperature. In most of these models, there are four different settings that you can choose from; these vary from a slight breeze that keeps the Honda CRX at its existing temperature to a high fan setting on your A/C or heater.

There is a defrost option on the front and the back of the vehicle so that you can clear the windows when they are covered with frost, ice, and snow. There is also a vent that heats the vehicle from the top of the dash and a vent that is located underneath the dash near your legs. You can control whether the air circulating in the CRX is air that comes from outside of the car just recycled from the existing air in the Honda using the vents.

Are the temperature knobs easy to replace on a Honda?

Due to constant use, the knobs that control the temperature in this car may not last as long as the system itself, so if the knobs are not turning properly, a replacement may be necessary. All you need to do is remove the control panel on the dash and pop out the knobs. The replacement temperature knobs will easily pop right back into the control panel, which you can then place back on the dashboard of your car.

If you prefer the look and feel of digital touchscreen temperature controls, you can choose an aftermarket option. These retrofitted controls give you the digital display you desire within the footprint of your original control panel.

Can you replace the faceplate on the climate control unit?

If the faceplate on your A/C and heater control unit in your car becomes damaged, you do have the option to just replace the faceplate, which means that the knobs and the features of the control unit will remain the same. If you want the entire control unit in your car to look more uniform, purchasing an aftermarket A/C and heater control unit for the CRX can help create the look that you are seeking.