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Chevrolet Corvette AC and Heater Controls

The Chevrolet Corvette is a piece of engineering that allows you control of the road and over the temperature inside via the AC and heater control. The switches available allow you to choose a comfortable setting to make traveling in this vehicle as cozy as it is stylish. You may have to repair or replace these controls in order to continue enjoying these advantages.

Are Corvette heater controls interchangeable with other models?

A primary advantage of the Corvette is that it is unique in its design from the inside out. If you wish to preserve the exact feel of your Corvette's interior, you will need to replace your current heater controls with the same model's design. This is true for the year as well due to the upgrades that Chevrolet consistently puts out for these performance vehicles on a regular basis.

Should you wish to customize the look inside, you have options available to choose from. You will need to check with the manufacturer for exact sizes where the AC heater controls will be housed as well as the power output and connections so that the new unit will function properly. Once you are certain that you know the requirements, you can pick whatever switch matches your personal preferences and needs.

What kinds of AC heater controls are available for Corvettes?

There are many styles and functions available to choose from when you need new Chevrolet Corvette AC and heater controls. After checking to be sure you know the requirements for a new model of heater control, you can choose which design matches your style. You can have a metallic finish as an accent or matte black to go along with a leather interior. For a more classic look, you can even purchase a wooden finish to go with the trim of the same style.

You can also decide what kinds of heater controls will suit your needs the best. You can choose to have an analog switch in your Corvette to give a rough temperature setting if you prefer that design. If you need a more precise measurement of the air flow, you can opt for a digital display to set an exact temperature. This feature can truly give your Corvette a luxurious feel while in operation.

Will the heater controls drain your battery?

As long as your selected heater and air conditioner are approved models that match with the design Chevrolet has produced, there is no danger of the heater controls making a setting that will drain your battery. The alternator is constantly charging the battery while the engine is in operation, which allows you to control each switch to make a comfortable temperature without worrying about electricity usage.