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Volkswagen Jetta AC Compressor Clutch

Your Volkswagen Jetta is a beautiful piece of automotive technology, and it includes a plethora of features that you'd be hard-pressed to live without on the road. When the air conditioning needs tweaking, it can be difficult to just roll the windows down on a humid summer day. Here, you'll find a wide selection from a bevy of manufacturers to get your Volkswagen Jetta AC compressor clutch back into working order.

What does the compressor on the VW Jetta do?

The compressor is considered the most important part of your Volkswagen Jetta's AC system. This component pressurizes a refrigerant gas, which drops the temperature to the point of condensing it into a liquid. The compressor then runs the liquid through a circuit, repeatedly passing an exchange filament where the heat is continually absorbed. This chills the air before it reaches you.

Why is the Jetta clutch important?

The clutch kit is the assembly that makes the signature clunk or click sound in your Volkswagen Jetta's AC. The clutch is designed to allow the compressor to change states, from off to on and low to high. When this part is in good shape, it will properly toggle your AC on and off as well as preserve power when the air has been sufficiently cooled.

Is there anything to look for in a Jetta clutch?

Clutches for your Volkswagen’s AC compressor are simple devices with one basic purpose. As a result, they don't normally offer additional functionality. Some vehicles utilize specialized variants of the clutch for their AC systems, but your Volkswagen Jetta employs a simple type that follows the same metrics across all brands of manufacturing. This makes it simple to find the right clutch for your vehicle.

What are the benefits of a Volkswagen compressor clutch?

It's important to keep this component in check. A clutch that's in good condition will not only benefit your AC assembly but also your Volkswagen Jetta's engine as a whole. This is because the AC clutch is essential to disengage the AC when it no longer needs to run, allowing the system to rest. Giving the system time to rest also reduces pressure on your transmission. All of the cooling and AC components, as well as your transmission, will benefit from a properly working compressor clutch.

What signs indicate that the Jetta clutch is healthy?

If you're wondering whether it's time to replace or repair your Volkswagen's clutch kit, there's a simple way to test its functionality without ever popping the hood. Turn the AC on and check for the following cues:

  • When first engaging the AC, there should be a gentle thump or click sound from the engine.
  • As the AC continues to run, it should emit a quiet humming sound.
  • After the AC has run for a bit, the air should remain cool instead of progressing into frigidness.