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Scion tC A/C Compressor Clutch

The Scion tC is known for its interior climate control capabilities, and the A/C compressor clutch is an integral component of the car's A/C system. When it comes to seamless, uninterrupted performance of any automotive system, choosing the right replacement parts is key. That includes getting a clutch for the compressor that's made for your Scion tC production year.

What does an air conditioning compressor do?

This essential part of the Toyota Scion tC heating and cooling system binds the liquid refrigerant through pressure and passes it on to the condenser. It is there that the freon converts to gas and cools your car's interior. The compressor clutch is the engine that gets the process started by measuring and balancing the pressure when engaged. When it's activated, the interior windings of fine wire coils create a magnetic field that draws the clutch hub toward the compressor, bringing it into contact with the belt and pulley system that controls the A/C. When the clutch goes, so does your air conditioning.

What are signs of a problem with the compressor clutch?

The function of the compressor is regulated by factors that include the amount of refrigerant present, the temperature inside the vehicle, and the consistency of the pressure inside the compressor. Problems with the clutch will affect this response, leading to the unit blowing warm, not functioning at all, or emitting a clicking noise when activated. The most common reason is low freon, either from a leak or depletion.

How do you test the A/C clutch relay?

If there are no coolant leaks or depletion, the Scion tC clutch relay needs to be tested. Since the part's function is to create an electromagnetic field, checking it requires voltage and resistance testing using meters. Care should be taken when conducting the tests because the core and harness plug are tiny.

  • Remove the coil from the clutch and turn on the A/C
  • Set the DVOM to 20 volts and touch it to the battery harness connector
  • Lack of power means the problem could be a burnt hub, pulley, or bearing
  • If voltage is present, check the compressor coil for resistance using an Ohmmeter
  • If the reading is below 2 Ohms or more than 5, there's a short and replacement is in order
How do you replace a clutch in the A/C compressor?

If only one of the parts is bad, you may be able to replace it and repair the unit. Otherwise, complete compressor replacement is the better option.

  • Jack the Scion tC and place it on jack stands
  • Remove the battery connectors
  • Remove the high and low lines
  • Remove the passenger wheel and passenger-side wheel cover
  • Under the vehicle, remove the bottom shield over the serpentine belt
  • Remove the serpentine belt
  • Remove the top and bottom bolts from the compressor and pull it out
  • Place the new unit and bolt it in
  • Replace all other items and test the new system