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A/C Compressor and Clutch for Nissan Maxima

One of the most important components of the Nissan Maxima A/C system is the compressor. The compressor helps the refrigerant move throughout the system, and for it to function properly, it needs a working A/C compressor clutch. The compressor also helps compress low-pressure refrigerant into high-pressure.

How do Nissan Maxima A/C compressors work?

The A/C compressor is driven by the drive belt or serpentine belt located towards the front of the engine. This is what enables the compressor to pump the refrigerant throughout the system. The part relies on check valves to get the refrigerant to all flow in one direction. When the part has a clutch, it electronically engages the compressor when the A/C button is pressed. The air conditioner system is able to blow cold air due to the high pressure created by the compressor.

How do you know when A/C compressor parts need repairs?

One of the most obvious signs that these parts are failing is when the air conditioning only blows warm air from the vents. If the clutch has failed, you may also notice that the engine idle no longer drops when you press the A/C button. If the check valves fail, the low-pressure and high-pressure sides can begin to equalize, resulting in only warm air blowing out. If there's been a mechanical failure, you may hear a grinding or squealing sound.

When is it time to replace these Nissan Maxima parts?

For the most part, it's safe to drive the vehicle if this part is not working. However, once you start hearing the grinding, it could be a sign that bearing failure is imminent, which could lead to the belt eventually coming off the pulley and causing the engine to stall from a loss of electrical power.

These parts usually begin to fail after the vehicle has accumulated 60,000 to 70,000 miles. This lifespan may be impacted by operating conditions, demand, and use. Clutch failure is typically more common in vehicles that are older. Failure is common with the air conditioning system because clogs and moisture in the system can put a substantial amount of stress on the compressor.

What brands offer A/C compressors and clutches for Nissan Maxima?

You can find both OEM and aftermarket branded compressors and clutches for your vehicle. Some of the brands available include the following:

  • Four Seasons
  • Global Parts Distributors
  • Valeo
  • Universal Air Conditioner
Can you replace just the clutch assembly?

Yes, can find the A/C compressor and clutch for Nissan Maxima separately. You will also find complete compressor assemblies which include the compressor and the clutch.