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Mazda Protege A/C Compressors and Clutches

While the Mazda Protege is a great car for traveling from point to point with optimal fuel economy, it can be extremely uncomfortable if the air conditioning is not working properly. Malfunctioning A/C compressors, including the clutches that are a part of these systems, are a common cause of this problem. With a replacement A/C compressor and clutch for Mazda Protege, you can get your air conditioning system back to peak performance.

What happens when your Mazda A/C compressor goes out?

Just as with almost any other car parts, continued use of this component of your Mazda air conditioning system will cause it to eventually wear out. There are some warning signs that indicate the need for a replacement in your Protege, including:

  • The air being distributed within the cabin of the Mazda Protege sedan is noticeably warmer than usual.
  • The engine makes loud noises when the air conditioning is turned on.
  • The compressor clutch fails to move during operation. Sometimes it will seize and fail to regulate the activity of the compressor.
What is the Mazda A/C compressor clutch?

Located within the engine near the compressor of the Mazda Protege, is the clutch. It is a critical component of the car’s air conditioning system because it controls the operation of the compressor. In order to operate correctly, the compression unit must be switched on and off. Without this, it would quickly freeze up and stop working. The vehicle's clutch serves this function by turning it off and on as needed, and thus is one of the most important parts of the system. Sometimes a malfunctioning unit can be repaired simply by replacing this part.

What causes the Mazda A/C unit to short cycle?

Short cycling is not an uncommon occurrence, but it needs to be addressed when it happens. It occurs when the system repeatedly turns on and off in short cycles, and the culprit is often due to incorrect refrigerant levels. Having levels that are too low or too high can cause the problem. If left unchecked, short cycling can cause undue wear and tear on the engine and significantly reduce fuel economy.

Does the Mazda A/C system require lubrication?

The air conditioning unit of any car contains moving parts that require proper lubrication in order to work at maximum capacity. It is important to use the correct oil for the model of your car, and to keep it at the proper level. To ensure that you choose the best oil for your Mazda Protege, consult your owner's manual for the information.