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A/C Compressor and Clutch for Kia Sportage

The air conditioning system present in automobiles is reliant on two main parts: the compressor, and the compressor clutch. If either of these two components fails, then the A/C will cease to function. With a selection of A/C compressor and clutch for Kia Sportage, you can keep you’re A/C in top working condition.

How does an A/C compressor work?

The air conditioning system of a vehicle works by transferring the heat energy from warm air to a refrigerant, in most cases, Freon. The compressor plays an important role in this process. The gas in the lines needs to be cooled down before it can be used to cool down the air, which is a task that is done by the A/C compressor. It compresses the refrigerant until it changes from a gas to a liquid, at which point, the liquid is then piped through a condenser, which cools it down so that when it returns to a gaseous state it is very cold. The actual functioning of the device itself is quite simple; it uses an ordinary pump to put the gaseous coolant under pressure until it is high enough to force the molecules close enough together to form a liquid. Because this process takes a certain amount of time, the compressor has an internal tank, which it uses to contain the gas while putting it under pressure.

What is an A/C compressor clutch?

The compressor clutch is the part of the A/C system in your Sportage that is responsible for turning the compressor on or off. The compressor rotor is attached to the engine of the Kia by a belt, so it is spinning whenever the car is on. There are two friction plates inside the compressor, which, when pressed together, activate the pump and A/C system of the vehicle. The plates are normally separated, which disengages the rotor from the pump, but when the clutch is activated, a small electromagnet near the friction plates is switched on, which magnetizes the plates, drawing them in towards each other. The magnetic force keeps them together, which engages the pump.

What are the signs of a bad Kia compressor?

There are a number of warning signs that point to this problem in your Kia vehicle.

  • Reduced or no cool air - If the air conditioning in your car is no longer keeping up with what it used to be able to do in the past, there may be a problem with the mechanism that is responsible for cooling the air down in the first place. If the cooling fluid that is in the A/C lines isn't properly compressed or pumped through, it won't be able to cool the air down as efficiently as in the past.
  • Loud noises - The mechanism is driven by a belt connected to the engine, so it is always spinning. If a bearing seizes or something else breaks, there can be a lot of noise as a result.
  • Stuck on or off - If switching the A/C on and off doesn't seem to have an effect on airflow, then the clutch may have seized and is forcing the system to be either permanently on or off.