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GMC Yukon A/C Compressors and Clutches

It's hard to deny the awesomeness of blazing through the outbacks or along suburban asphalt with your GMC Yukon, but when temperatures rise, nothing beats a little A/C to chill out with. When it's time to replace or repair a part of your Yukon's air conditioning system, don't lose your cool — there GMC Yukon A/C compressors and clutches from a wide spectrum of trusted manufacturers for every year of the GMC Yukon.

What is the purpose of the compressor clutch?

This component has the capability of switching the compressor between on and off states, allowing it to actively chill the air that's leaving the cabin vents and take rests on an interval. This is essential, not just for your Yukon's A/C to work in the first place, but also to spare the longevity of the various mechanical parts that make it up. You can typically hear the compressor clutch kick into action whenever you engage the A/C.

What does the compressor do?

This is the heart of your GMC's A/C system, serving to compress a refrigerant gas into a chilled liquid for continuous circulation through a series of lines. At one point in these lines, there's an evaporator coil, also known as a condenser, that serves as an exchanger to cool off the air in the ventilation before it's ejected into the cabin.

What components rely on the compressor clutch?

In your GMC Yukon, there are several parts, not only within the A/C assembly, but also the vehicle power train itself that depend on the proper functionality of your compressor clutch. When the clutch is in good shape, the pulley, band, bearing, compressor, and even flywheel benefit from the resting intervals that it creates. The ability to continually shift the compressor between on and off states can ultimately save fuel down the road and preserve the lifespan of your transmission.

How do you keep the compressor clutch in good shape?

When you've invested in a new compressor clutch for your GMC, it's good to know how you'll need to care for it in the years to come. Fortunately, there's one simple step you can take to keep it fresh. By running the A/C for at least 10 minutes a month, including during the winter, you prevent the servos from locking up, which will pay off in the long run.

Is it possible to install a clutch from another vehicle?

This is actually a common practice, since the individual components that make up the many features in your GMC are independently sorted by model number. This means there's a long list of vehicles that can use some of the parts in it — including the compressor clutch. When searching for a new clutch, check the compatibility list that's included with it to be sure that your Yukon SUV is included.