• New ListingDeardorff 8" x 10" View Camera

    Serial #5156. They have been repaired with black rubber sealant and black tape (see photos). Also included are two film divider/masking boards which are fitted into slots in the back in front of the ground glass.
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    $15.75 shipping
    Ending Jun 2 at 3:30PM PDT9d 10hType: Large FormatBrand: Deardorff
  • Intrepid Camera Co 8x10 Camera New Ground Glass 4x5 reducing back 4 4x5 holders

    If full shift is required you can easily remove the gaffers tape.
    1 bid
    $74.35 shipping
    Ending May 26 at 9:04AM PDT2d 4hType: Field
  • Calumet C1 8x10 Large Format Field Camera with Deardoff Ground Glass Excellent

    Front Swing - on axis - unlimited. Rear Swing - on axis - 30º. Rear Shift 4" total.
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    $46.50 shipping
    Type: Large Format
    or Best Offer
    Brand: Calumet
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    New bellows, all knobs present and working, levels present and working, great classic, getting scarce. otherwise as pictured, with a Copal No. 1 board. FRONT SWING MODEL.
    Brand: Deardorff
    $69.75 shipping
    or Best Offer
    Guaranteed by Fri, May 31
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  • Deardorff 8x10 View Series Camera with Extras

    Dear Buyers, This Deardorff 8x10 View Series Camera is up for bid and it is in great condition. The only thing that seems off is the black bellows seem a little angled, (*See photo from the side*) The title on this camera is Sharp and not faded and the wood is in nice condition. It even comes with some extras! See photos. The Winning Bidder receives this Deardorff 8x10 View Series Camera shipped insured via UPS to his or her location/home. Always ask questions! This camera is coming from the Estate of Famous White House Photographer Mr. Bruce White. This camera is being sold from his personal private collection. Thank you for your bids!!! Please make offers! We are pleased to serve you. Sincerely, Zachary95
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    $68.52 shipping
    Ending May 26 at 2:46PM PDT2d 9h
    or Best Offer
    Brand: Deardorff
  • Tachihara Field Camera Fiel Stand 8x10 and additional 4x5 reducing back

    Tachihara Field Camera Fiel Stand 8x10 and additional 4x5 reducing back. Condition is Used. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. The camera has been fully tested. The movements are fluid and work great. The bellows are nice and light tight. No light leaks. The ground glass is in nice shape. Comes with the 4x5 reducing back.
    Type: Field
    $13.10 shipping
    Brand: Tachihara
    or Best Offer
    Guaranteed by Fri, May 31
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  • Bellatrix 8x10 Large Format Film Camera

    Condition / Check. ( No light leakage ).
    From Korea, South
    $75.00 shipping
    Type: Large Format
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  • 8x10 Large Format Camera W/Many Extras

    8x10" Backing plate. 2x - 8x10" Film Holders. and an even more rare 8x10" Stainless film developing tank. Have used indoors and in the field with great results.
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    $180.00 shipping
    Ending May 29 at 7:47PM PDT5d 14h
    or Best Offer
    Type: Large FormatBrand: Unbranded
  • Deardorff 8x10 Professional Series Camera with Base And Extras

    Deardorff 8x10 Professional Series Camera with Base And Extras. Condition is Used. Item is untested, sold as is, ready for complete restoration. Overall the camera is in good shape for the age. Bellows still well intact. All physical moving parts seem to work. Only thing that is slightly damaged is the viewfinder bellow. Can see in pictures. Any question please ask. Extra backs and lens as well.
    Local Pickup
    or Best Offer
    Brand: Deardorff
  • Burke and James Grover 8x10 Large Format Camera w/ APO-Nikkor 360mm Lens (39-7)

    With proper care it will last forever. The bellows is beautiful and appears to have been recently replaced. The focus is stiff and while it works it would benefit from relubing. The shutter works well and the hose and bulb are in great condition.
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    $9.00 shipping
    Type: Large Format
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  • Kodak Master View 8X10 Metal Field Camera 4X5 5X7 Film Large Format *Body Only*

    It even has original ground glass which is highly regarded! The current bellows do have tape on them from the previous owner.
    Type: Field
    $22.09 shipping
    Brand: Kodak
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  • New Listing8x10 Wide Aperture f/4.5 Large Format Camera with 4x5 & 8x10 Carriers and Lenses

    I refurbished this camera from an authorized antique store. The gears have been oiled, the wood has been cleaned, and the bellows are functional. The lens is in great condition, the shutter settings sound great. The body was made in 1902. It does not come with the tripod. The polaroid lens works well with the 4x5 carrier. The Betax 12” 304.8mm Number 5 Lens is perfect for the 8x10 carrier. This is an excellent set up for some high-quality large format photographic work.
    Type: Large Format
    $16.15 shipping
    or Best Offer
  • Cambo Legend 8x10 Monorail Camera w/8x10 & 4x5 backs

    From Canada
    $98.00 shipping
    Type: MonorailBrand: Cambo
  • Sinar P2 8X10 + 5X7 + 4X5 Monorail Large Format Camera Kit (multi-format kit)

    5X7 original Sinar ground glass is clean and clear. Complete 5X7 format change kit. Standard rail. Short extension rail.
    Type: Large Format
    $48.00 shipping
    Brand: Sinar
    or Best Offer
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  • Sinar P 8X10 + 4X5 Monorail Large Format Camera (NEW BELLOWS)

    Complete 4X5 format change kit. Standard rail.
    Type: Large Format
    $48.00 shipping
    Brand: Sinar
  • 8x10 KING POCO Very Rare by Rochester Camera & Supply Co. in 1899

    The King Poco was the top of the line model in the Poco line and the 8x10 size was the largest that was made. King Pocos are hard to find as it is and I have never seen another 8x10 version. It has its original brass lens in Unicum shutter.
    Type: Large Format
    $22.86 shipping
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  • Burke & James Grover 8X10 Camera with Turner Reich Anastigmat +2 Wooden Holders

    This Lens has the ability to change between three focal lengths; 635mm, 500.4mm, & about 300mm. Item is in really great condition. fully functioning, the bellows are really nice for the age(Take note that they are old bellows and aren't perfect).
    $26.25 shipping
    or Best Offer
  • New Deardorff 8x10 VIew Camera Fresnel lens + Ground glass

    This advanced ground glass was optically coated in high-tech, is much better than the traditional acid glass. The ground glass works with the finest Fresnel lens to show the brightest and sharpest image to make the focusing much more easier and accurate.
    Brand: Deardorff
    $16.00 shipping
    33 sold
  • 8x10 120 Large Dark Format Cloth Focusing Hood Camera Barrel 150cm Length NEW

    NOTE: Rain-proof Dark Cloth Focus Hood Product Feature: Shade well,Breathable,Waterproof,Dustproof,oil-proof ,Unique design convenience The outer three anti-nylon, the inner layer of cotton comfortable and durable Summer is cool,Winter to prevent breathing out of the heat attached to the focus screen! Lightly carrying! This item is made of fabrics cloth, light weight (about 400g), breathable and water-proof. It's black inside and outside. 150 x 150cm, larger enough for either 4×5 5×7 8×10 Format.
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    $19.99 shipping
    Ending May 29 at 4:26AM PDT4d 23hTop Rated PlusBrand: Unbranded
  • CatLABS Universal 8X10 Camera Ground Glass Protector

    Canada available.
    $8.95 shipping
  • BIG Vintage Ansco Studio Camera.Dual Bellows,5X7(can be 8X10)Film Back. 43" Long

    It has dual extension bellows. Also it has an extension rails that you can extend to almost 44". There is no lens, no lens board. Film/view back is 8X10 reduced to 5X7. One knob is not original but it works.
    Type: Large Format
    $89.99 shipping
    Brand: Ansco
    or Best Offer
  • Deardorff 8x10 View Camera, 10 film slides, 2 lens, wood case, vintage tripod.

    In good working condition (serviced a few years ago with no baffle light leaks, and shutter timings verified). Wood case, 10 film holders and 2 lenses included (Schneider-Kreuznzch Angulon F1.68 210mm and Steinbiel Munchen Wietwinkel 1.9 f 18 cm).
    Type: Large Format
    $150.00 shipping
    Brand: Deardorff
    or Best Offer
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  • Wisner 8X10 Classic Convertible Mahogany View Camera with Extension Rail. Linhof

    Made in USA. Made with mahogany wood. All hardware is brass, except the spring bars on the film back. Weight is 18lb 10 oz.with the short rail. 20" extension rail weighs 3lb 2oz. Total weight is 22.2 lbs.
    Type: Large Format
    $65.00 shipping
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  • Vintage DearDorff 8x10 Large Format Front Swing Wood Field Camera (CJL029119)

    THIS IS IN GREAT CONDITION. Type Large Format. Film Format 8x10in. It may or may not include the original box. NEW BELLOWS. Things I Buy.
    Type: Large Format
    $65.00 shipping
    Brand: Deardorff
    or Best Offer
  • Toyo View G 8x10 810G monorail Camera body 810 *820300132

    The red circle knob not lock. The screen is clean. Optical system. (Can be used.).
    From Japan
    Was: Previous Price$838.99
    Type: Large Format
    $150.00 shipping
    Brand: TOYO
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