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Finding 8mm Camcorder Tapes For Your Camera

The Hi8 video format is a version of the traditional Video8 system and was produced before the introduction of the Digital8 system. Sony makes Hi8 tapes that let you record video and sound off of a compact camera. Tapes are available for use on for your camera, but you must look at how well those tapes are laid out and how they function.

Review the Resolution

  • The resolution level of the Hi8 tape should be examined. The Hi8 standard displays a resolution of 400 lines. This is on par with the Laserdisc.
  • The added resolution on this format is thanks to the extra bandwidth. That is, the bandwidth on the Hi8 format is larger than what the original Video8 format utilized. The recording process on a Hi8 camcorder and the stronger tape used within the cassette allow for more data to be recorded, thus resulting in a good screen.
  • Also, you may find some tapes with XR or extended resolution support. Although the XR format produces a slightly higher resolution, that cassette will only work if you have a camcorder that can handle the setup. Most late-model Sony cameras will support the setup, but they will still read and record the original Hi8 cassettes as well.

How Long Is the Tape?

Take a look at how long your tape lasts before you buy it. You may find a 120-minute Hi8 tape, although smaller 30 and 60-minute tapes can be found as well. You can record more data onto your tape if your camera has an LP mode, but the cassette must also support that mode while recording.

Supporting Conversion

  • Your Hi8 tape must be capable of linking up to an analog-to-digital conversion tool. The tape must fit into a conversion device and be read through a computer program linked to it. You might have to test the connection on your analog-to-digital unit to see if the video and audio coming from your analog source is being read by your computer.
  • You can use a conversion tool if you have old Hi8 videos that need to be converted into digital files. This may also work if you have a Hi8 camera and you want to use it as your primary recording source for home videos or other productions.

Can Any Brand Work?

You can use a Hi8 tape from any brand name on your camera. Be sure the cassette is reviewed based on how well the Hi8 tape is laid out. Do not try to use an XR tape or an LP unit in a Sony camcorder that cannot handle those recording standards.

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