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Expand Your Storage With 8 GB MicroSD Cards

Maxing out the storage on your personal devices can be a frustrating experience. When space runs low, it might mean missing out on that perfect picture or deleting one useful app to make room for another. Thankfully, many devices can have their memory capacity expanded by the use of microSD cards.

What can I use MicroSD cards with?

These items offer expanded memory for many electronic devices to supplement their internal memory. The microSD is the smallest of three SD form factors and measures only 15mm in length, which is the size of a fingernail. When purchasing a device, it is often useful to confirm that it is compatible so that you can buy more storage when you need it. Some devices that can use MicroSD cards include:

  • Cell Phones, Computers, and Tablets: data can be used to store more pictures, music, or apps
  • Game Consoles:store more games and game save files internally
  • Digital Cameras:most digital cameras require a memory card of this size before you can take pictures
What do the numbers on the MicroSD card mean?

An 8GB MicroSD cards offer a variety of performance options. Looking at the top of the item, you will find information about what it is capable of. The most prominent piece of information is the data capacity. This is listed in Gigabytes or GB. In the case of these models, the capacity is 8 GB. You can also find out the data transfer rate or speed of the card. These numbers are surrounded by either a "C" or a "U" to denote the class that they belong to. Speeds range from Class 2 used for storing photos to Class 10, which is capable of taking 1080p HD video. There are also newer UHS capable cards denoted by the "U" surrounding the number. These cards can capture 4k video.

Can I use these items to transfer data between devices?

Yes, you can often transfer pictures or other data with these products. This can be useful when you want to backup your photos on a computer or when you purchase a new cellular phone and want to copy over data from your old phone. If the device on which you wish to copy files does not come with the capability to read MicroSD cards, you can purchase a USB adapter. Adapters are also available that will make these items compatible with SD and miniSD form factors.

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