Deciding Which 7-Inch Tablet Replacement Screen You Need

Everyone fears the dreaded shattered tablet screen. If you are the do-it-yourself type, eBay carries hundreds of 7-inch tablet replacement screens at affordable prices. Whatever your tablet's brand, you're likely to find the correct replacement screen from eBay's huge selection.

How do you know which replacement screen to buy?

Your individual needs will determine which brand, model, material, and size screen replacement you need. However, it's useful to understand how the touchscreen works as you explore your options. The replacement glass for 7-inch tablets is called a digitizer because the glass transfers energy from touch into the device's digital system. The resulting image output is displayed on a separate liquid crystal display (LCD) screen underneath the glass screen. When shopping for a screen replacement, you will see the term digitizer used on many items.

Which 7-inch screen brands are available?

eBay carries 7-inch tablet replacement screens in common brands, including:

  • RCA
  • Amazon Fire
  • Samsung Galaxy
  • Apple iPad
What are generic tablet screen replacements?

Generic screen replacements are manufactured by sellers or companies other than the tablet's name brand. These screens are designed to work the same as brand-name parts but come at a lower price. eBay carries generic replacement screens for many popular tablets.

What tools do you need to replace a tablet screen?While you purchase your replacement screen, it's also important to ensure you have the right tools to get the job done. Many replacement screens come packaged with bundles of specialized tools, or the tools can be purchased separately. Some necessary tools include a mini Phillips screwdriver, wedge and pry tools to open the device, and a heating device that separates the glass digitizer from the LCD display. Most toolkits contain everything you need to replace your tablet screen.Are there other items you need when replacing your screen?

The reason it's time to replace your screen is because it wasn't protected in the first place. Now might be a good time to purchase a quality protective screen cover to place over your new tablet replacement screen. Screen protectors or shields made of tempered glass absorb any impact your tablet encounters, cracking or shattering the glass cover rather than your screen, which is safely protected. It's much cheaper to replace a shattered screen protector than a shattered screen.