Choosing A 6-Inch Car Speaker

When you have picked out the right-sized 6-inch car speakers, you will have to consider the rest of the specifications of your speakers. You will want to have a good balance between your car space and what sound the speakers you buy can provide. eBay has many 6-inch car speakers to fit the many different choices and preferences.

What are the different 6-inch car speakers on eBay?

The two different speaker types are:

  • Component speakers - Component speakers have a tighter frequency range of the whole hearing spectrum of the human ear. Because they are frequency specific, they usually have better sound quality in the area that they perform in. They can be tweeters, mid-range component speakers, and woofers. Even higher frequencies are taken up by super tweeters, and subwoofers are for extreme bass sound.
  • Coaxial (full-range) speakers - Coaxial speakers are created to produce a large range of frequency audio from a single speaker. These are combined component speakers and save on space from separate component speakers, although they are not as precise as component speakers are.
Why is power handling important?

The specifications of the 6-inch car speakers have to match the power of your car's head unit. The power that the external amplifier puts out should correlate to the power that the speaker can handle. Power handling is usually measured in watts or root-mean-square (RMS). Also, pay special attention to the maximum RMS power handling when choosing speakers instead of peak RMS power handling.

What are the reasons for replacing an old sound system?

Sometimes the sound system can just stop working well, or you might want to have a better sound quality. Factory car speakers are usually made of low-quality materials and can begin to sound worse with time. Purchasing new car speakers can make a world of difference in the sound. The materials that are good for new car speakers include:

  • Rubber - Lasts and has a good sound quality
  • Foam and cloth surround
  • Polypropylene/mica/metal-coated fabric - Great for those that want to upgrade their bass response
  • Polybend/silk tweeters/ceramic/metal
What other things might be needed when upgrading car speakers?

Making a great sound system can involve multiple changes with the components, although even a good speaker can make a difference. Some other factors that might have to be considered when making the most of the new car speakers are whether the new sound system will need external amplifiers, whether crossovers might be necessary for component speakers, and if you will want to add a subwoofer for greater bass.