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Fifth Generation Portable Video Players for Mobile Entertainment

As consumer technology and electronics advance, the smaller yet more powerful devices become. An example is the Apple iPod video, a larger version of its music player predecessor that boasts a much larger screen. Released in 2005, this music and video player promoted portability to make workouts, commutes, days off, and other leisurely time more entertaining.

What Is the Fifth Generation iPod?

  • Video: This iPod features a 324 by 240-pixel screen in QVGA resolution and a backlight. It is one of the first iPods to advertise itself as a video player along with the regular music playback options. Older versions of the iPod could only display pictures and were unable to play videos, which is why this fifth generation device got its name. It could play a variety of common video formats.
  • Capacity: The device originally had two data capacity options: the 30 GB and 60 GB iPod Video. However, in 2006, the device hardware was updated to include an 80 GB version to replace the 60 GB one. This update also included iPod Games but removed the bundled iTunes installation CD.
  • Design: The 4-pin remote port was removed so certain accessories do not work, even with an adapter. This fifth generation iPod was also the first to have a plastic face, which would be susceptible to fingerprints and scratches. The device was bundled with a pair of earphones with extra foam covers for added comfort. The fifth generation also marked the second revamp of the physical design, featuring a black color option and rearranged proportions.

What Other Accessories Can I Buy for My Fifth Generation iPod?

  • Case or Cover: As this classic iPod had a plastic face, it is a good idea to apply a protective film over it and then enclose it in a rubber shock-absorbent case for added protection. You can find covers specially made for this iPod so all the sockets and USB port have precise cutouts. A case or cover can be made of plastic or silicone. The former may offer a very tight fit and protect against hard impacts at the risk of shattering, while the latter can also handle hard impacts but may penetrate through to the device's body if the impact is concentrated at a precise point.
  • Headphone Upgrade: While the included earbuds may be adequate, a large pair of over-ear headphones can be ideal, especially when you're looking to immerse yourself in music or video. In-ear monitors are also solid options, especially when taking your device to the gym.

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