Light Up the Room with a 55-inch TV

A 55-inch TV gives you the size and flexibility to view your favorite shows, movies, and sporting events in high definition. There are several different 55-inch TVs for sale on eBay, each offering a unique combination of settings, connectivity, and picture quality to suit your needs. The 55-inch flat screen TVs available come from a variety of different manufacturers and are compatible with many different types of media devices.

What picture qualities are offered on 55-inch TVs?

The 55-inch flat screen TVs for sale on eBay have several different screen resolutions available. Ultra high-definition 4K picture is available in select models. It should be noted that in order to display 4K video you must have a 4K signal. TVs that are capable of high-definition video are able to display video at lower resolutions as well to match the resolution of the source. Each TV comes with several different ports to attach your devices. Ultra high-definition and 1080p video require the use of an HDMI connection if the source is from an external device. TVs that feature online connectivity may also be able to directly stream high-definition content. Some of the different resolutions supported are:

  • 4K
  • 1080p
  • 720p
  • 480p
  • 480i
What kind of devices can be used with these TVs?

There are a number of different compatible devices that you can use with these TVs. Multiple inputs can be used as well, as each TV has multiple ports for external devices. As long as a device has the compatible ports, it can be used with the 55-inch TV. To view your favorite live TV you can connect a streaming device or a cable box to your TV. Video game consoles can also be connected. In addition, you can connect a laptop to the TV to extend or mirror the display to view your content. Many of the 55-inch TVs that are for sale feature internet connectivity so that you can directly access streaming services and online browsing directly from the TV without the use of an external device.

Are there any special geometric features of this screen size?

Both flat and curved displays are available. In addition, some of the TVs feature ultra-thin designs that are designed to minimize the amount of space that they occupy. Curved displays are designed to enhance immersion by creating a picture that coincides more with your peripheral vision. Both curved and flat screened displays are able to display video up to an ultra high-definition resolution.