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5 String Bass Guitars

Musicians who want more versatility from their instruments will appreciate a 5 string expanded bass guitar. These electric bass instruments have greater tonal range. They are used by both recreational and professional musicians.

Why use a 5 string bass guitar?

A 5 string bass guitar expands the traditional tonal range of a regular one. The expanded tonality of this bass offers greater versatility for the musician. It gives the bass player more opportunities to contribute to complex rhythms and music arrangements due to the extra string. The additional string also presents a greater octave range.

What is 5 string bass tuning?

This type of guitar is tuned just like a standard bass but the extra string is tuned to a low B. The extra string is the lowest range of the bass. The tuning of each string from top to bottom is B-E-A-D-G. The second through fourth strings of an expanded bass can be matched to the tuning of a standard one. The B should be matched to a tuner or to low B on a piano. There are also alternative tunings for an Ibanez or Yamaha bass, just as there are for a standard one.

When was the 5 string bass invented?

The very first expanded bass is believed to be the Fender V, which was produced in 1965. Despite finding favor with prominent musicians like John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin, this electric bass guitar did not come into its own until after 2000. It was adopted by many metal bass players who wanted to reach lower tonal ranges in their music. This guitar is now used by musicians in many different genres, such as rock, jazz, and even country. Fender, Yamaha, and Ibanez all make varieties. The Ibanez bass is preferred by metal musicians. The Fender Jazz Bass V expands one of the Fender standard models. These electric bass instruments are made of premium woods like rosewood and mahogany, so they have strong resonance.

Who plays 5 string bass?

Famous musicians who have played an expanded bass include Tom Petersson of Cheap Trick, Phil Lesh of The Grateful Dead, and John Lennon and George Harrison of the Beatles. The adoption of this electric guitar by famous musicians has contributed to its rise. It has also been heavily promoted by famous manufacturers like Ibanez.

Is a 5 string bass good for a beginner?

These instruments are played just like regular bass guitars, so they are good for beginners. The additional string can also help to build a beginning players dexterity. These guitars are amplified like regular bass guitars. It is easy to make the transition to the electric bass guitar if you are used to playing a standard version.

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