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5 Gallon Oil Cans

Yesteryear's practical utility tools, such as high-capacity fuel cans from the early and mid-1900s, may have once been perceived as ephemera, having a purpose for only a brief time. Current and past oil companies' branding has lived on until today in these large-capacity gas and oil cans. They can lend a touch of nostalgia to your decor.

What are some purposes for 5 gallon oil containers?

Most of these high-capacity gallon containers are purchased for decorative purposes. A drive through the country (or city) will reveal these containers used in yards and on porches simply as ornaments. They may be used in repurposed furniture as table or chair legs. Some people who have had their cans for decades continue to use them for fuel storage and other utility functions for which they were initially designed.

What are some available name brand oil cans?

Although there are myriad varieties of gas and oil containers available, some are more universally known than others since their companies or stores have been longstanding household names. Here are some that may seem familiar:

  • Exxon Gas and Oil Company
  • Mobil Gas and Oil Company
  • Gulf Gas and Oil Company
  • Shell Gas and Oil Company
  • Union 76 Gas and Oil Company
Are there fuel cans without featured advertising?

There are fuel cans that are just a solid color, usually red, and do not have any company names or advertising on them. Most of these feature a pour spout that has a valve in the cap whose purpose is to resist spills and fumes for safety purposes. Some are unpainted, bearing a natural metal patina that has developed over time. Most of the cans, regardless of advertising, come with caps, although some sellers will specify that the lid is not available. It is possible to purchase replacement caps, as mentioned below.

Are accessories available for these gas cans?

Limited accessories are available, including items such as spouts, gas can lids, and newly fabricated caps designed to fit the older gallon cans. When used as decor, the cans can be displayed without the caps.

What is the composition of the gas cans?

The majority of these fuel cans are made from heavy metal or steel. Some gallon containers and oil cans are composed of galvanized steel. It is rare to find any of these containers made of plastic, due to the liquids they formerly housed. Most are painted; the condition of the paint suggests the cans' age and may result in a natural patina.