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Everything You Need to Know Before Purchasing A 5-Axis CNC Router

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines are devices you use to control handheld routers, which are small, incision-making tools you can use for cutting especially hard materials. New and pre-owned 5-Axis CNC routers are available on eBay for reasonable prices.

What are the dimensions of the hardware?

The hardware comes in various sizes. Standard sizes, which are 3.5 by 2cm, are compatible with machines manufactured by most hardware providers. Some specialty sizes are available for hardware that utilizes outlier dimensions. You can purchase both smaller and larger sizes.

Are these machine parts universal?

The hardware is designed to be compatible with standardized CNC devices. This uniquely designed CNC hardware is standardized, which means every manufacturer creating products within the space does so using the same dimensions as every other manufacturer. As such, a universal fit is guaranteed when dealing with replacement products for the hardware. Some machines will be slightly larger or slightly smaller, however. If this is the case, the hardware's manufacturer will specify this in the product's description.

The replacement hardware will not function differently when used with different pieces of hardware. If there is a difference in output, the source of the variation lies in either the machine or the cutting table you use. Incision-making tools will only function differently from one machine to another if you use them often and dull them after long-term use. You should switch tools after 10 hours of use to avoid this occurrence and for the best results possible.

Can you use these parts with generic CNC tables?

You can use replacement hardware with any specialty table on the market. Incision foundations are not affected in any way by incision-making tools, and you can use them freely with any manufacturer's hardware. Some incision tables offer different features that create different incisions. Those benefits are not contingent on incision tools, however.

What speeds are these parts capable of?
  • Hardware is safe for use with speeds up to Mach 3, or 300 RPM (rotations per minute).
  • Speeds slightly above and slightly below Mach 3 can also be safely used, but with slightly greater caution.
  • Rotation speeds are variable; you can increase or decrease speed from the control panel installed on the front of each device.
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