Store Hundreds of Songs on Your 4GB MP3 Player

An MP3 player with 4 gigabytes of storage space should give you enough room to store several albums of music or dozens of audiobooks. Several brands make 4GB MP3 players that are packed with many convenient features to make your listening experience enjoyable. You can find numerous player options on eBay.

What are some features of these devices?

All 4GB MP3 players can store and play audio files in various formats. However, several models include extra features that allow them to do more for you. You can use the category boxes in eBay's sidebar to find a complete list of the potential features that might be included with your player. Some common aspects you'll find during your search are:

  • Adjustable speed - You can increase or decrease the default speed at which your 4GB MP3 player plays music or audio files.
  • Equalization - Equalizer controls allow you to adjust some of the more subtle aspects of your audio to make them easier to hear against background noise.
  • Games - Some 4GB players include extra games you can play while you listen to music.
  • Sleep timer - You can use this feature to put the MP3 player in a low-power state when you're not using it.
What connectivity options are available in these MP3 players?

You may wish to connect your MP3 player to the internet or another device to download songs and other files. Most 4GB MP3 players have a preferred way of doing this, and some may have multiple connection options from which you can choose. Some common ways to connect your device are:

  • Bluetooth - If you want to connect your player to another device to share music with it, you may be able to use Bluetooth to do so wirelessly.
  • USB - Many 4GB MP3 players use USB 1.0, 2.0, micro, or mini specifications to connect with other devices that have the same ports.
  • Wi-Fi - You can use a Wi-Fi network to connect your player to the internet or other devices that use the same network.
Can you get used MP3 players?

You can find a selection of brand new and pre-owned MP3 players with 4GB of storage on eBay. If you don't want to buy a new MP3 player, you can buy used versions of your favorite make or model directly. You also have the option to pick up a player that has been refurbished by the manufacturer. A refurbished MP3 player is intended to look and function like a new device.