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Own a Piece of History: Buy Inexpensive 486 Computers

A 486 computer for sale is based on Intel's 80486 microprocessor. Also known as i486, these were produced between 1989 and 2007. If you're looking for a 486 computer, eBay can help you find a reasonably priced used 486 PC.

Types of 486 computers for sale

The original 486 used a 32-bit x86 microprocessor designed by Intel. However, you will also come across a variety of different models manufactured by rivals. Some of the most well-known variations are:

  • Intel RapidCAD: This model is also known as 486DX. It was specifically designed for improvements in floating-point operations.
  • i487SX: It is often referred to as a slightly upgraded version of the 486DX and i486SX with one additional pin.
  • i486 OverDrive: These were upgraded versions of i486SX, i486SX2, i486DX2 or i486DX4. Using an advanced processor, the underlying functions were similar to i487SX.
Which are some of the major brands using Intel 80486 processors in 486?

Compatible processors for 486 have been produced by multiple brands, which include IBM, Texas Instruments, AMD, Cyrix, UMC, Compaq, and SGS Thompson. A lot of variations were clones, while others used advanced instructional sets. Intel also collaborated with IBM to produce different variants of machines based on the original 80486 microprocessor. AMD was another company that used its patents to develop a range of 80486-like processors. These processors proved a reliable alternate to Intel-based 80486.

Compaq was among the first companies to launch a portable Compaq 486 laptop. It used an Intel 80486DX2 to support 210MB of hard disk and up to 32MB of RAM. Later, Compaq 486 desktop versions utilized similar technology to market its computers. Cyrix is another successful brand that relied on the original design of Intel 80486 microprocessors to market a variety of laptop and cost-sensitive desktops. The Cyrix chips were generally considered equivalent to computers using the Intel and AMD 486 processors.

A 486 computer for gaming

During the MS-DOS era and prior to Windows-based computers, the 486DX2 66 MHz processor was the major brain behind the major computer games of the era. Using a VESA local bus video card, it offered a streamlined graphical interface to users. In fact, the processor constituted enough power to easily handle memory and CPU cache of the most advanced computer games. Later models of 486 computers also supported the plug-and-play feature. Some of the well-known MS-DOS games that you can still play include “Doom," “Sid Meier's Civilization," “SimCity," “Scorched Earth," “Prince of Persia," “Tetris," and “Donkey Kong."

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