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Vintage Glassware: The Ultimate eBay Buying Guide

The 1950s and mid-century style has been resurfacing for several years. You can see it in the lines and patterns of clothing, on new glassware, and throughout the media. However, many collectors want authentic vintage glassware.

Things to consider when purchasing eBay vintage glassware

Before you purchase any antique glassware, you should consider a few factors, such as which brands you like, what colors or patterns you enjoy, and what kind of glassware will suit your wants and needs.

  • Shop by brand: Many collectors stick with a specific brand, such as Blendo or Libbey, and do not mind if the pieces vary in shape, size, or color. This can give your collection an eccentric feel.
  • Shop by color: This is a fun way to give your collection texture and shape because you will have a wide variety of pieces in similar colors. Common colors during the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s were greens, pinks, blues (particularly cobalt blue), turquoise, and amber.
  • Shop by glassware type: Collecting candy dishes, tumblers, bowls, or any other type of glassware is another great way to build an interesting repertoire.
The most common antique glassware brands

If you want to collect vintage glassware according to color or brand, you’ll find a multitude of options because several companies produced them. These brands include:

  • Blendo: This glassware starts clear and progresses into a darker but translucent color. The West Virginia Glass Company created Blendo, and it was all the rage in the 1950s and 1960s.
  • Culver: Culver Glass Company created this gorgeous glassware around the 1950s and made it unique by decorating it with patterns made from 22-karat gold.
  • Dorothy Thorpe: This beautiful glassware was invented by artist Dorothy Thorpe, who would put her designs on purchased glassware.
  • Libbey: It’s one of the most sought-after brands, and it comes in several different patterns, including daisy, fall leaf, flamingo, butterflies, and more.
  • George Briard: This glassware often features elements from nature and geometric shapes. One of George Briard’s hallmarks is a 22-karat gold ring at the top of his glasses.
What types of vintage glassware are for sale?

eBay has a large repertoire of antique glassware items available in all the brands, colors, patterns, and shapes that may interest you. Below are just a few of the kinds of pre-owned vintage glassware you’ll find on eBay.

  • Bowls: Whimsical shapes, floral patterns, and pale colors are common among vintage bowls.
  • Tumblers: For authentic antique tumblers, look for Anchor Hocking, nature-inspired patterns, Libbey, Federal glass, and Culver.
  • Drinkware and stemware: Libby and Culver produced colors in pastel, amber, blue, and cobalt.
  • Candy dishes: These are fun glassware items to collect. You’ll find authentic vintage candy dishes in the shape of chickens, flowers, and many other colors, patterns, and shapes.
  • Wine glasses: Libbey and Dorothy Thorpe are some of the most common vintages wine glasses available on eBay.
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