Tips and Tricks for Buying 4-Stroke Complete Outboard Engines on eBay

You have a boat, but you’re looking to switch out your 2-stroke engine for a 4-stroke outboard one. Finding the right engine for the job can be time-consuming with the number of options available on eBay. By following the guidelines below, you can make your search simpler and quicker.

Features of a 4-stroke outboard motor

While individual 4-stroke engines will vary, here are some features to look for:

  • Cooling: These can come in either air- or watered-cooled options. The selection will depend on the types of water that you’ll be navigating with the boat. Rivers or shallow water may contain sand or mud that can clog a water-cooled motor’s intake.
  • Sound dampening: Some propellers are designed to function more quietly during operation. This can be a helpful feature when fishing because it creates less noise that can startle fish.
  • Direct fuel injection: This type of fuel injection allows for an increase in engine power and efficiency compared to other fuel injection types. Some other types to look for include electronic fuel injection and carbureted fuel induction that are available on 4-stroke engines.
How do you find the right 4-stroke outboard motor for sale?

Here are some tips for selecting a 4-stroke boat motor:

  • Choose a size: You should review the specification of your boat to determine what size and weight of engine that it can handle. Most outboard motor listings will have a description of the amount of horsepower available. See the manufacturer site for details.
  • Choose a brand: There is a wide range of unbranded outboard motors along with branded models that you may be familiar with. Most 4-stroke outboard engines will have similar mounting mechanisms that allow you to choose from a wider range of options.
  • Choose a condition: You can select from new and used motors from a variety of manufacturers.
When is it a good idea to buy a used 4-stroke boat motor?

A used 4-stroke outboard motor will typically be cheaper than a new 4-stroke outboard for sale. You should look at the number of hours that the engine has been run as if you were checking the mileage on a motor vehicle engine. Other considerations are the condition of the used engine. Most listings will have photos that allow you a view of the engine. It's also a good idea to look at the description to see if there are any issues with the used 4-stroke outboard.